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Predictions !?!

Christian Talk Podcast


House +66 for GOP

Senate +9 for GOP (Could be GOP +10 if tidal wave is large enough to carry Carly over the finish line.)

Governorships – GOP will end the night with 32 governorships including 7 out of the 10 largest states in America

California (State-wide) – Cooley and Maldonado will win.

California local – All CLWA incumbents win




National Predictions:

Dems will hold the U.S. Senate with Boxer (D-CA) winning by 5 points,

Manchin (D-WV) winning by2 points,

Murray (D-WA) winning by 2,000 votes,

and McAdams (D-AK) winning because people cannot spell Murkowski,

resulting in Dems 51 and Reps 49

Reps will take House resulting in 226 Reps and 209 Dems

Sorry, but I haven’t really studied the Governor’s except for JERRY


California Predictions:

Senator Barbara Boxer by 5 points

House of Representatives:

CD 27: Brad Sherman (D)

CD 28: Howard L. Berman (D)

CD 29: Adam B. Schiff (D)

CD 30: Henry A. Waxman (D)

State Offices:

Gov. Jerry Brown  (D) by 11 points

Lt. Gov. Newsom  (D) by 7.5 points

Secretary of State: Debra Bowen  (D) by 10 points

Controller: John Chiang  (D) by 9 points

Treasurer: Bill Lockyer  (D) by 13 points

Insurance Commissioner: Dave Jones  (D) by 5 points

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tom Torlakson  (D)  BY 9 points

County Assessor: John R. Noguez 

State Senate:

SD 20: Alex Padilla  (D) 

State Assembly:

AD 36: Linda K. Jones  (D)

AD 37: Ferial Masry  (D)

AD 39: Felipe Fuentes  (D)

AD 40: Bob Blumenfield  (D)

AD 41: Julia Brownley  (D)

AD 42: Mike Feuer  (D)

AD 43: Mike Gatto  (D) 


Prop 19: FAILS — Marijuana use decriminalization under California law for those 21 and older

Prop 20: PASSES  — Congressional Redistricting. Transfers authority for redistricting U.S. House seats to the 14-member redistricting commission created by Prop 11 passed in 2008.

Prop 21: PASSES — Surcharge for Parks and Wildlife. Establishes $18 annual vehicle license surcharge to help fund state parks and wildlife programs

Prop 22: PASSES  — Local Government Funds. Prohibits the state from borrowing or taking funds used for transportation, redevelopment, or local government projects and services

Prop 23: FAILS — Suspends Air Pollution Control Law (AB 32) implementation until such time as unemployment has been 5.5 percent or less for at least one year.

Prop 24: PASSES  — Repeals Corporate Tax Breaks. Repeals recent legislation that resulted in huge tax breaks for large corporations.

Prop 25: PASSES  — Majority Vote for Budget. Changes legislative vote requirement necessary to pass a state budget from 2/3 to a simple majority.

Prop 27: FAILS — Eliminates State Redistricting Commission — Eliminates the 14- member state redistricting commission created by Prop 11 (2008).

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