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Disrespecting the uniform

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A US Airways flight attendant refused to allow a US Army First Sergeant to hang his coat (for 1st class passengers only) rather than leave it on for the duration of the flight or stuff it in the overhead to be wrinkled. Was this some sort of US Airways policy? Or a flight attendant who simply didn’t know what that uniform meant?

Several 1st class passengers really were “first class” and offered to give their seat to the man who had risked his life for their freedoms. Apparently, that wasn’t an option either. I understand the safety concerns and needing to know who is seated where. But, seriously? She couldn’t just hang the man’s coat up?

As one of our listeners reported, disrespecting the uniform, ie: dirty, wrinkled, is an Article 15 violation of military code.

US Airways has since apologized for the incident and is working to correct this serious black eye to their image. I’m sure they’re just praying an Ebola carrier doesn’t end up on one of their flights or they may never recover from that one-two punch!

What kind of disservice have we done to our young people when they don’t even know how to give honor to our nation’s military? Are they even aware of their sacrifices? We need to pass that along to our children and grandchildren folks. Apparently, it isn’t happening in the schools and pop culture certainly doesn’t support that. Remember the war movies of the 40’s and 50’s? It built in a national sense of pride. We just don’t have that anymore. We need to get it back, starting now.

You can read more about it here.

Photo credit The US Army

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