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Teaching Safe Sex For Teens

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British government is handing out condoms and lube to children. Is this a proactive approach to teen pregnancy and STDs or is it out of line?

The contraceptive credit card is available to students as young as 13, which gives the kids access to multiple purchases of condoms and lubricant. The children can sign up for the card without parental consent or even having to see a doctor.

As a parent you want what is best for your child, I would rather my child have access to having safe sex than sneaking around not using protection.

Teens will be teens and unfortunately it is not uncommon for teens to be having sex early on and it’s our jobs as parents, teachers, mentors, etc. to make sure that they have all the education on it before starting.

I will be the first to tell you I hate the idea that we have to start educating and giving these types of resources to such young children. However, the reality is that it is happening and it’s time we figure out a solution to help protect our kids.

In all honesty, it’s much better to hand out condoms than to see these teens derail their lives with an unwanted pregnancy or STD.

Read full story British Government’s Health Program Hands Out Condoms and Lubricant to Kids

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