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ABCs now the SEXs

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Conservatives used to note that Democrats who wanted to dictate the size of your soda cup were creating a “nanny state.” But now, Democrats aren’t content to just be nannies. They want to be your child’s parent – and they think you should have no say in the matter.

That’s the debate happening in Florida right now. Leftists are outraged about the new Florida law signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis protecting parental rights, dishonestly dubbed “Don’t Say Gay.” Even Disney – a company that has a significant role in influencing kids through entertainment – has made headlines for condemning the legislation as activist employees at the company attempt to turn it into a propaganda arm for the far-left.

This follows an unfortunate pattern of the ultra-woke attempting to reshape American institutions to fit their warped, extreme worldview.

But let’s be clear: Florida’s new law never even mentions the word “gay.” Rather, it bans classroom lessons on sexual orientation and gender identity in grades for kids aged 5 to 8 – something polling shows most Americans support.

A survey by The Daily Wire found that 67% of Americans agreed the move would rightly “protect children from inappropriate topics that should be discussed by parents.” A different poll showed even Florida Democrats agree with the legislation when it is described accurately.

As a mom, I’m sure that other parents agree: Schools should teach young kids about the A-B-Cs, not S-E-X.

But for Democrats, that’s unacceptable. The “experts,” they claim, know what’s best for your child. Whether it’s woke corporations or political activists, it’s just the latest example of Democrats putting their far-left agenda over kids’ best interests.

The controversy isn’t about the specific contents of the bill so much as the fact that it dares to assert parental authority over school boards, activists, and government bureaucrats. Democrats have come to feel a sense of entitlement toward other people’s children. Just look at how they treated kids during the pandemic.

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