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California Superintendent Defends indefensible!

A superintendent in Southern California defended a 7th-grade boy who was allegedly caught masturbating in class, saying the incident was not “outside the norm.”

Superintendent Mark McLaughlin of the Conejo Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) said this at a school board meeting responding to a mother, Carrie Burgert, who said her daughter was traumatized by the incident.

Burgert recounted the incident at the meeting and said she blames the school board for what happened, noting that the district’s relaxed dress code and non-age-appropriate discussions of sexual topics victimized all of the students involved.

Burgert said her daughter was “disturbed, traumatized and scared” following the incident.

She then said, “The principal reported the incident to the district office. I’ve heard not from any one of them. It does not take an expert to figure out what happens to a 13-year-old boy when he’s staring at mostly naked girls wearing underwear to school and being exposed to concepts like oral and anal sex in 7th grade.”

Burgert specifically mentioned the Teen Talk Comprehensive Sex Education program used by the school which she blamed for exposing the children to overly sexual topics at a young age.

“They let children write the dress code and the Teen Talk Comprehensive Sex Ed is not age appropriate and neither are supported by parents, and teachers have spoken out adamantly against this. Despite all of this, they [the school board] approved them both,” Burgert said.

“My daughter and that boy are victims of this board’s approved content and curriculum, and I hold them each personally responsible,” she added.

Responding to Burgert, McLaughlin defended the boy and the school board, taking no responsibility for allowing the students to be exposed to the masturbating student.

“I don’t think any of you would want us up here chatting about an issue that took place with your child,” he said. “I would say that, at least once a year, this comes up from both males and females within a school setting. And so, I don’t think this is anything outside the norm.”

This is not the first time parents in the CVUSD have spoken out about the woke policies infecting their school district.

Watch the Video and the story continues at: California Superintendent Defends Masturbation

Joe Messina

Joe Messina

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