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Ex-Pfizer VP Describes C-Vax Push as ‘Operation’ Meant to ‘Maim and Kill Deliberately’

Former Pfizer Vice President and chief scientist for allergy and respiratory, Dr. Michael Yeadon, revealed what he knows about the COVID virus and its subsequent “vaccine” campaign, explaining that it was a “supranational operation” designed “to injure people, to maim and kill deliberately.”

Yeadon spent 32 years working for large pharmaceutical companies. In March, he spoke to a reporter from Children’s Health Defense while attending a Truth be Told Rally in London.

He asserted that the Covid “pandemic” was much more than it appeared to be, recalling, “when I started noticing former colleagues of mine, including Patrick Vallance, saying things on the television I knew weren’t true — and I knew he knew weren’t true — that’s when the penny dropped for me, probably [in] February 2020.”

Vallance was the chief scientific advisor to the United Kingdom’s government from 2018 to 2023.

Check it out:

“I remember saying to my wife, ‘this is not what they’re saying it is. Something’s going on,’” Yeadon revealed. “And when I saw not only my country locking down, but dozens of countries locking down at the same time … that was proof, and is still proof, of a supranational operation.”

“There’s no way that could have happened at the local level, at the country level. Therefore, it must have occurred at a level above. Whether it was the WHO or the World Economic Forum, or other, I don’t know,” he continued.

These governments “all did the same stupid, ineffective, known-not-to-work things at the same time, none of which were in their countries’ pandemic preparedness plans, because I’ve read them all,” the toxicology expert argued.

He also noted that Vallance, nor anyone else, could sue him for publicly accusing them of lying because they know they’d lose in a court of law.

 “And so, they won’t sue me. What they do is smear me and censor me,” Yeadon said.

He added that “the injuries to people from these so-called vaccines” is “something much worse than an alleged virus.” Yeadon said, “I wish I could say that it was accidental, but it wasn’t accidental.”

He continued:

“I spent 32 years in rational drug design. I know, and I knew, and wrote it, before any of the [injections] had Emergency Use Authorization [EUA], that they were dangerous.”

“And I’m afraid I’m convinced, and would say, with my hand on the Bible in front of a court, a judge, that these injections have been made to injure people, to maim and kill deliberately.”

“When you inject this into a person and it spreads around their body and gets absorbed into a cell, that message gets converted into a protein. And when your body makes a foreign protein — I am guaranteeing this as an immunologist — your body will say ‘that’s non-self’ and will attack whoever is producing it until the cell is dead. And I think that’s the cause of a lot — not all — of the adverse reactions to these so-called vaccines.”

Therefore, these substances “will cause autoimmune destruction of wherever that material goes. If it goes in your heart, myocarditis or heart attack. If it goes in your pregnant uterus, miscarriage, if it goes into your nervous system, a hell of a variety of neurological problems. That’s the common problem that underlies many of the vaccine injuries, some of which are so bad that people have died, as I thought they probably would.”

When part of the heart muscle dies due to trauma from a heart attack or myocarditis, “that piece of heart muscle dies and does not recover. So, you end up with a compromised heart. That’s why it’s so awful when we hear about myocarditis in young men. They are not going to regrow their heart. They will have a compromised heart for the rest of their lives.”

Keely Compson

Keely Compson

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