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Kari Lake Mocks DeSantis’ Disney Fight: ‘Can’t Beat Donald Duck, How You Gonna Beat Donald Trump?’

Former Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake mocked Florida Governor Ron DeSantis this week during her appearance on Newsmax.

She criticized him for losing his war with Disney and proceeded to explain why she believes he “should stay in Florida,” rather than run for the White House.

As reported by The Gateway Pundit, “Disney outmaneuvered Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in a last-minute move before he signed legislation to curtail the company’s powers. The new Disney Board discovered the old board made multi-year agreements with the company that were significant before they were disbanded.”

Disney also sued DeSantis last month for allegedly embarking on a “targeted campaign of government retaliation” that threatens their business.

It appears the government for outwitted by Disney’s woke corporate executives. Will he make a comeback? Or did he lose this battle? Many seem to believe that he lose the battle, which would explain why presidential candidate Donald Trump is leading by 45-points in recent GOP primary polls.

Big donors are questioning whether or not DeSantis is ready to take on the swamp if he could not take on Disney.

Kari Lake joked on Newsmax, “If you can’t beat Donald Duck, How are you going to beat Donald Trump?”

She continued, “I think that’s a question we have to ask when it comes to Governor DeSantis, and I think he should stay in Florida…”

Newsmax reports,

“When you pick a fight with Disney,” Lake tells “Eric Bolling The Balance” during her appearance, “you need to play to win.”

Lake goes on to add that “so far, Gov. DeSantis has been outworked and outmaneuvered by Disney. As far as I know, Reedy Creek still exists; they’re still hosting trans events at their park. This indoctrination is continuing, and they’re actually rubbing it in the faces of American families. You know, if you can’t beat Donald Duck, how are you going to beat Donald Trump? I think that’s the question we have to ask when it comes to Gov. DeSantis.”

I gotta give it to her, that was a pretty clever insult.

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