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How the Biden Admin Is Working to Keep Joe from More Embarrassing Falls

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The White House is attempting to avoid any more unfortunate falls by Biden as he approaches the 2024 Presidential election, a reminder of one of his greatest weaknesses: his age.

Now, Axios has revealed how the White House is attempting to keep further mishaps from happening by having Biden work with physical therapist Drew Contreras to perform exercises that will improve his balance.

These “proprioceptive maintenance maneuvers” have been met with some confusion but are essential for keeping Biden steady ahead of 2024.

Axios on Tuesday revealed how the White House is desperately working to prevent further stumbles by President Joe Biden in anticipation of the 2024 Presidential election, according to Professor James Gordon, associate dean and chair of the Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy at the University of Southern California, who said he had no idea what Contreras was talking about.

I have never heard the term “proprioceptive maintenance maneuvers.” It is not a clinical term in standard use.

Axios also admits that it is unknown what these so-called maneuvers actually entail. Whatever these so-called exercises are called, they have not stopped Biden from falling almost flat on his face.

It is evident that the White House is taking precautions to ensure Biden does not experience any more embarrassing falls, such as having him wear tennis shoes more often and using shorter stairs with lower decks when boarding Air Force One.

This was first reported by The Gateway Pundit’s Kristinn Taylor, and then later confirmed by Axios in an article about how the White House is preparing for Biden’s 2024 Presidential election.

In July, 80-year-old Biden was seen having difficulty navigating the stairs at Helsinki airport.

He stumbled and then had to brace himself to complete his ascent. Cristina Laila commented on this incident, noting that these steps posed a difficult challenge for Biden.

Andrew Bates, the White House spokesman, was extremely frustrated when this information became public knowledge and attempted to brush it off as something that had already been reported in an interview with Axios.

Additionally, he tried to convince the public that Biden’s economic performance was actually good instead of bad.

This isn’t new. It was proactively and transparently disclosed in a 2021 report from the president’s doctor and again this year.

This article fits an unfortunate pattern of media attempting to sensationalize something that has long been public, rather than covering the president’s very real achievements for hardworking Americans.

Axios reports that the White House believes that any mockery Biden gets over using the shortened steps and wearing tennis shoes will be pale in comparison to what he would receive if he fell again.

Good luck with that.

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