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Gen. Mike Flynn Alleges Some U.S. Legislators Compromised by Globalists For “Sleeping with Children”

In a recent conversation with political commentator Joy Thayer, ex-Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), General Michael Flynn, expressed deep concerns about the moral integrity of certain members within the U.S. legislature.

He asserted that their vulnerability to globalist agendas stems from compromising situations they have been involved in while on official overseas trips.

Flynn described the House of Representatives as “totally, completely broken” and claimed this is due to corporate lobbyists and globalists gaining control over some legislators through these compromising situations during Congressional Delegation (CODEL) trips abroad.

He went on to allege that some of these trips included members of both the Senate and House engaging in inappropriate behavior with minors.

“We have the House of Representatives right now is totally, completely broken. And they’re totally owned by the corporate lobbyists and frankly, by the globalists who own many of these people because they’ve been compromised on some of these what they call CODEL trips overseas, where these members of both the House and the Senate get compromised by sleeping with children. And they compromise. And these are real things. These are very real things, or they get them caught up in the world of big bucks, big money,” Flynn said.


TGP reporter, Kristinn Taylor wrote, “Members of Congress have a documented history of sleeping with underage children. Not a lot, but enough to make this plausible. Denny Hastert paid hush money to cover up child molestation. Gerry Studds plied an underage male page with intoxicants and had sex with him,” adding, “Also, over the years some Secret Service agents overseas have compromised themselves getting drunk and sleeping with hookers.”

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