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Turkey’s Erdogan Accuses US of Planning to “Carry Out Massacres in Gaza”

On Tuesday, Turkish President Erdogan accused the United States of planning to “carry out massacres in Gaza” in response to Hamas terrorists ambushing Israel over the weekend.

This follows Turkey, a so-called “NATO ally,” siding with Iran’s proxy army Hamas.

The attack has resulted in more than 1,600 Israelis dead and many taken hostage by Hamas terrorists.

The group is threatening to execute these hostages and post the killings online, some of whom are American citizens. Reports have revealed that Israeli soldiers found 40 babies slaughtered by Hamas, some of which were beheaded.

In response to this terror ambush, Israel bombed specific targets in Gaza as Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced on Sunday that the U.S. is moving a carrier group to the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Erdogan, the Armenian Genocide denier, is now accusing the United States of planning a genocide.

“What will [the United States] do with all its boats and aircraft around this ship? It will carry out very serious massacres by striking all of Gaza and its surroundings, dropping [bombs],” Erdogan said from Ankara on Tuesday.


On Monday, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken requested Turkey’s assistance in negotiating a ceasefire. This request was later retracted by Blinken, thus representing another international embarrassment for the Biden Administration.

Prior to requesting a “cease-fire” from Turkey, Blinken noted that he had discussed the ambush slaughter with them.

Last week, the United States military shot down a Turkish drone in Hasakah, Syria, after issuing more than a dozen warnings.

This is an additional escalation to the ongoing conflict and has been reported by the Associated Press.

John Kirby, White House Press Secretary for President Joe Biden, has stated that climate change is currently perceived as the greatest threat to humanity rather than nuclear war.

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