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FOIA Documents Uncover Secret 2020 Election Day Meeting With CISA, Dominion, ERIC, FBI, Leftist Organizations, State Officials, and Others

Investigative journalist Yehuda Miller has recently obtained a series of FOIA documents that have significantly altered our understanding of the 2020 US presidential election.

In the days to come, we will unveil a number of these groundbreaking documents.

The Democrat Party, Joe Biden, the mainstream media, and former CISA Chief Chris Krebs had all promoted the notion that the 2020 election was the most secure in American history.

However, there are doubts about whether the 2020 election was truly the most secure in US history. Yehuda Miller and The Gateway Pundit will soon release FOIA documents that contradict statements made by Chris Krebs under oath, suggesting that he knew his statements were false.

Today, we are revealing information about a covert phone call organized by The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) on Election Day 2020.

CISA is supposed to be responsible for federal cybersecurity and critical infrastructure security and resilience. However, since its establishment, CISA has become a more sinister and politically motivated organization.

Originally created in 2018 to safeguard critical infrastructure from cyber threats, CISA has transformed into the hub of the government’s domestic surveillance and social media censorship operations.

By 2020, CISA regularly reported social media posts deemed to spread “disinformation” to platforms. In 2021, they even formed a formal team dedicated to combating misinformation.

The Missouri-Louisiana versus Joe Biden lawsuit, set to be heard in the Supreme Court in March, challenges the censorship measures implemented by the Biden administration. The plaintiffs argue that the federal government cannot impede on Americans’ right to free speech.

At the core of their argument is CISA, which they claim plays a crucial role in the government’s system of censorship.

New evidence has emerged indicating that on November 3, 2020, at 3:30 PM Eastern Time, CISA officials organized a private meeting with select members of an undisclosed “Election Security Initiative.”

This exclusive gathering took place late in the afternoon on Election Day and reportedly lasted for around thirty minutes.

Over 200 individuals and entities were invited to this meeting, including representatives from Dominion, ES&S, ERIC Systems, Amazon, Runbeck, Microsoft, Scytl, multiple Secretary of State offices, the Associated Press, and various leftist groups.

Notable figures such as Jennifer Morrell from The Elections Group, Ryan Macias from The Lafayette Group, Eric Coomer from Dominion, and Joselyn Benson—the controversial Michigan Secretary of State—were among those extended invitations.

In an attempt to deflect criticism of their unconstitutional actions, CISA later claimed to only serve an “informational” role but continued their questionable activities despite public and private backlash.

Via Yehuda Miller.
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The CISA election security infrastructure team organized a 3:30 PM call and extended invitations to nearly 250 individuals. Upon reviewing the list of attendees, it was observed that there were no conservative organizations present, although some liberal groups were included.

Here are a few of the groups included on the call:

ERIC Systems: The ERIC voter roll system is used in 23 states.  The system was originally promoted as a tool to clean up voter rolls.  It is anything but that. For example, Wisconsin is an ERIC State and has over 7 million registered voters in a state with less than 4 million eligible voters.  ERIC hired the Wisconsin state election leader Sarah Whitt after performing such exemplary work in Wisconsin. Today, we know that the ERIC founder was sharing information from ERIC with Mark Zuckerberg-funded organizations during the 2020 election.

Runbeck: This Arizona company will deliver ballots to 24 states for three elections: presidential preference elections, primaries, and the general election. For some odd reason, the ballot printing company plays a role in examining and counting the ballots in Maricopa County, Arizona. There have been several allegations against the company since the 2020 and 2022 elections.

Associated Press: For some reason, Associated Press employees were invited to join the call on Election Day.

Amazon: At least nine Amazon employees were invited to listen in on the call.

Democracy Works:  This is a leftist “get-out-the-vote” group that “drives voter participation.” Interestingly, this group would be invited on the CISA call. The group is funded by the John Pritzker Family Fund, Trump-hating Pierre Omidyar’s Democracy Fund, Craig Newmark Charitable Fund (Craig’s List founder), and Quadrivian Foundation that is linked to Murdoch’s leftie son, James Murdoch and his wife, Kathryn.

Dominion: The voting machine company has been in the news since the 2020 elections. Recently, a Michigan professor, J. Alex Halderman, demonstrated in Georgia court how Dominion machines could be easily hacked and their tabulations altered. Former Dominion engineer Eric Coomer was invited to the call.

KNOWink – electronic pollbook company

Microsoft – at least five Microsoft employees were invited to the call

Smartmatic and ES&S – Voting machine suppliers

Voting.Works – Another leftist non-profit provider of voting machines and open-source election verification software. Voting.Works was created within and incubated by the left-leaning Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT). CDT’s major donors include large left-of-center foundations, including George Soros’s Foundation to Promote Open Society, the Ford Foundation, and the MacArthur Foundation.

These are just a few of the organizations invited to join the call at 3:30 PM on Election Day 2020.

According to a report by J. Christian Adams at PJ Media, it seems that the event organized by the Democracy Fund in 2022 was not an isolated incident. The gathering included state officials, election company representatives, and third parties who came together to discuss election administration.
This report exposed a collaboration between progressive groups, individuals, and the US government entities such as the FBI, DOJ, EAC, and CISA. Moreover, it highlighted their connection with progressive funding sources involved in US elections like the Elections Group, CTCL, and Brennan Center.
Additionally, representatives from corporations like Microsoft were present at this event while no conservative or right-of-center groups were given an invitation to participate.
The mentioned government agencies such as the FBI, DOJ, EAC, and CISA are present at a gathering along with progressives from organizations like the Democracy Fund, CTCL, and corporations including Microsoft.
Many of these groups and participants were also involved in a phone call on Election Day in 2020.
It has come to light that since President Joe Biden took office in 2021, CISA has been censoring conservative content online.
While organizing secret discussions with left-leaning organizations, election company representatives, media outlets, and third parties, CISA was simultaneously suppressing conservative voices in America.
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