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Tractors Break Through Barriers in Brussels As Agricultural Workers Surround EU Headquarters in Major Show of Force

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As the days go by, the scale of the European Farmers Revolt continues to grow, with increasing noise and an increasingly pungent odor.

The meeting of EU agriculture ministers has been completely encircled by hundreds of tractors and thousands of farmers.

The recent protest in Brussels marks the second major demonstration by farmers, who are expressing dissatisfaction with bureaucratic obstacles, trade agreements, climate regulations, and support for Ukraine’s grain sales.

Security was heightened around EU offices as police in riot gear were present. Tractors attempted to breach police barricades at various points, breaking through razor wire in one instance as shown in social media videos.

The vicinity of the building hosting Monday’s meeting of EU agriculture ministers was strewn with hay, barley, and flaming tires.

The tractors carried various slogans, including ‘I feed you but I die’, ‘1Europe wants us to die’ and ‘Our death is your hunger’. Some tractors also blocked a key intersection providing access to the main Brussels airport.”

Associated Press reported:

“Farmers clashed with police in Belgium on Monday, spraying officers with liquid manure and throwing eggs and flares at them in a fresh show of force as the European Union’s agriculture ministers met in search of ways to address the protesters’ concerns.

[…] The protests are the latest in a series of rallies and demonstrations by farmers across Europe.

[…] On the other side of the barriers in Brussels, the ministers were keen to show that they were listening, and a group of farmers’ representatives were allowed in for talks.”

The farmers’ grievances include the burden of respecting the failed, crippling environmental policies.

“‘We understand that this situation is difficult’, said David Clarinval, Belgium’s agriculture minister. ‘The 27 member states are firm in saying that things cannot remain as they are., […] It’s necessary to take rapid measures as well as measures in the longer term at the European level’.”

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