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Venezuelan Migrant Who Instructed Immigrants On How to Squat In American’s Homes Now a Fugitive

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Leonel Moreno, a Venezuelan undocumented immigrant known for advising other undocumented individuals on how to occupy American residences illegally, is currently on the run from authorities, as reported by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as per the New York Post.

Moreno’s actions were exposed when his TikTok account @leitooficial_25 was banned for breaching the platform’s rules against advocating illegal activities. Prior to the ban, he had amassed a following of over 500,000 users.

“If a house is not inhabited, we can seize it,” he asserts in the video, which has now been viewed nearly 4 million times.

In the controversial clip, Moreno speaks in Spanish, elaborating on his plans to squat in the U.S.

“I have thought about invading a house in the United States,” he says. “I found out there is a law that says if a house is not inhabited, we can seize it. Here in the United States, the law of land invasion applies, and I think that will be my next business: invading abandoned houses.”

He also notes working with friends from Africa who have reportedly acquired several houses. Moreno indicates that the law permits the acquisition of rundown and neglected homes, which can then be renovated, occupied, or even leveraged for credit purposes.

The video has caused a strong backlash on multiple platforms, with users criticizing Moreno for promoting illegal behavior and some even referring to his advice as ‘promotional terrorism.’ There have been demands for the FBI and Department of Homeland Security to step in.

As a result of the controversy surrounding the video, his account has been suspended.

“I am in danger of death in the US! I need protection! I am being persecuted! My account has been blocked!” he said in a snotty sobbing video.

“My people, I need you to pay attention to what’s happening because my family is on danger. They erased my TikTok accounts. I have received threats from powerful people. Help!”

“My people, they have gotten what they wanted! The envy has reached my family! Everything that’s happening is because of your evilness! The want to silence me!”

WATCH: (Viewer discretion is advised)

Moreno’s entry into the US started with an illegal border crossing at Eagle Pass, Texas in April 2022. Subsequently, he joined the Alternatives to Detention program, which aims to supervise migrants using ankle monitors and other technologies, allowing Moreno a degree of freedom in the US.

However, he later breached the program’s conditions and was labeled an “absconder” by ICE authorities. In a video, Moreno proudly mentioned receiving $350 per week from the federal government.

He also expressed his disdain for work, claiming it gave him allergies.

GB News reported in February:

Leonel Moreno, a Venezuelan migrant, bragged in a video online that he survives by living off of US taxpayers’ money.

An influencer migrant who “doesn’t like to work because it gives him allergies” has urged his 300,00 followers to beg for money instead of getting a job.

Leonel Moreno, a Venezuelan migrant, bragged in a video online that he survives by living off of US taxpayers’ money.

Moreno, who arrived in the US in September, said that he once made $275 from “three hours [of] asking for money at traffic lights”.

His content revolves around his lifestyle in America and how he earns an income by living off of money handed out by the government.

In another video posted on February 21, Moreno explained his intention behind migrating to the United States, stating: “You came to the United States to work, and I came to vacation, look at the difference. You and I didn’t come with the same purpose. You came to the United States to pay the taxes that you didn’t pay in Venezuela.”

Later that day, he posted another clip online, admitting: “I confess that I don’t like to work because it gives me allergies. You work, I don’t, but in the end, neither of us have money. They keep criticising us because I live off of taxes that you pay monthly.”

Despite being a fugitive, Moreno boldly posted a video of himself in front of a Gahanna police car, even though local authorities claim they are unaware of his location, as reported by The Post.

The Gahanna police have stated to the media that they are aware of the videos but have had no contact with Moreno and are unable to determine where he is.

Moreno was released into the US initially due to overcrowding in detention facilities. It was later discovered that ICE in Miami had given him a court date for immigration proceedings in November 2022, which he did not attend. The lack of follow-up on such cases highlights the program’s inability to effectively monitor its participants.

John Fabbricatore, former ICE field office director and current candidate for Colorado’s Sixth District, criticized the Biden administration’s Alternatives to Detention program as a “failure,” pointing to the large number of participants and the high rate of individuals who flee.

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