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Kamala Harris Claps Along to Puerto Rican Protest Song Before Realizing It’s About Her

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During a recent trip to Puerto Rico, Vice President Kamala Harris found herself in an embarrassing situation when she was seen awkwardly clapping along to a protest song criticizing her.

The video captured the moment where Harris, unaware of the lyrics, abruptly stopped clapping as she realized the message behind the song.

The incident occurred during her visit to a community center in Santurce, where protesters greeted her with signs accusing her and the United States of genocidal actions.

Critics of Harris seized on this moment as evidence of her lack of awareness and disconnect from the issues facing communities.

They viewed her initial enthusiasm at the song as a sign of insensitivity and ignorance towards the concerns being raised by protesters.

Overall, this incident further fueled existing criticisms of Harris’ handling of complex issues and highlighted the challenges she faces in navigating contentious situations.

“We want to know, Kamala, what did you come here for? We want to know what you think of the colony,” an activist sang, accompanied by percussion instruments.

During the song, which also featured the lyrics “Long live Free Palestine and Haiti too,” as reported by Puerto Rican journalist Istra Pacheco, Harris appeared to grasp its message and nodded in acknowledgment.


This trip marked the vice president’s first visit to the Caribbean island since taking office. Prior to her visit to Santurce, Harris toured a home outside San Juan that had been reconstructed through a federal program after being damaged during Hurricane Maria, as per Fox News.

Alongside Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, Deputy Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Adrianne Todman, and Puerto Rico Gov. Pedro Pierluisi, Harris highlighted the Biden administration’s support for the territory.

“What we all need to do then is just supply the community and the talent here with the capacity and the resources. And so, President Joe Biden and I have been very intentional about what we are doing for the leaders and the people and the families of Puerto Rico,” she said. “So far, our administration has invested over $140 billion in Puerto Rico.”

Kamal Harris is constantly oblivious of her surroundings. It’s a shock she has lasted this long in politics.

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