Jill Biden’s Influence Could End Joe’s Presidency

In the dynamic landscape of American politics, the influence of spouses on presidential decisions is often understated. However, in the case of President Joe Biden, First Lady Jill Biden emerges as a pivotal figure whose influence extends beyond traditional First Lady duties. Jill Biden’s unwavering support and counsel may well determine whether President Biden remains […]

Biden Goes to Bed Early, Skips Crucial Summit with Germany Chancellor

During the 2022 G7 Summit, an important diplomatic engagement between the United States and Germany was reportedly missed due to President Joe Biden’s early bedtime. According to The Wall Street Journal, President Biden did not attend an early evening meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz because he needed to go to bed. This incident has […]

James Carville: Biden’s Exit from 2024 Race Is ‘Inevitable’

Democratic strategist James Carville told News Nation host Chris Cuomo on Monday that President Joe Biden will undoubtedly choose to withdraw from the presidential race “soon.” The former Bill Clinton campaign managers’ comments come as panic sets in about Biden’s age and fitness following his recent debate performance against former President Donald Trump prompted increasing high-profile calls for the president […]

Biden’s Immigration Crisis Worsens Amid Shocking Murders

Under President Joe Biden’s administration, the United States has seen a significant escalation in the illegal immigration crisis, culminating in a series of high-profile murders that have sparked nationwide outrage. The surge in violent crimes linked to illegal immigrants has underscored the administration’s failure to address the porous southern border, raising concerns about national security […]

President Harris Is ‘Future of Democratic Party,’ White House Says

In a move signaling a strategic shift, the White House has positioned Vice President Kamala Harris as the future leader of the Democratic Party. This announcement comes amid growing speculation about President Joe Biden’s political longevity and the party’s trajectory heading into future elections. Strategic Realignment The Biden administration’s endorsement of Vice President Harris reflects […]

Dems Biden Debate: US Senator Butler Actually Backs Joe’s Naps

On Tuesday’s broadcast of “CNN NewsNight,” Sen. Laphonza Butler (D-CA) responded to questions on reporting that President Joe Biden had afternoon naps built in as part of his debate prep by stating that “if the President needs to find schedule accommodations to help to facilitate his focus on advancing our country on behalf of next […]

Teleprompter Trouble: Biden’s SCOTUS Rant Goes Awry

In an event that has sparked both criticism and mockery, President Joe Biden inadvertently read teleprompter instructions aloud during a speech addressing the recent Supreme Court ruling on immunity. The incident occurred during a four-minute diatribe, where Biden appeared to be responding to the Court’s decision with heightened emotion. During his remarks, President Biden, who […]

Biden Backer Gets Blasted by Piers Morgan on Live TV

In a recent televised debate, Piers Morgan lambasted pro-Biden influencer Harry Sisson for his unwavering support of President Joe Biden, despite the latter’s increasingly problematic tenure. The confrontation, which took place on Morgan’s show, underscored the growing disillusionment among conservative commentators with the Biden administration. Morgan’s critique of Sisson, a fervent Biden supporter and social […]

Democrats Secretly Planning to Oust Biden from 2024 Race

Following President Joe Biden’s poor debate performance on Thursday evening, ushering in a wave of concerns for many Democratic leaders and Biden supporters, whispers of how to move forward with their declining president are increasing within their ranks.  Party leaders are even considering the unthinkable: replacing President Joe Biden on the ticket. Trending – Better […]

Michelle Obama’s Reluctance to Campaign for Biden Revealed

As the 2024 presidential race intensifies, speculation surrounds Michelle Obama’s conspicuous absence from Joe Biden’s campaign. This reluctance stems from a confluence of personal frustrations and political calculations that shed light on the complexities of Democratic Party dynamics. Michelle’s disdain for partisan politics is also partly to blame for her absence so far this election cycle, the […]

Special Counsel Jack Smith Admits Cover Sheets Were Added In Photos

In a stunning revelation, Special Counsel Jack Smith admitted that the FBI added cover sheets to documents purportedly classified during the raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. This disclosure has ignited fierce debate about the integrity of the investigation and the tactics employed by federal agencies. Smith’s admission came during a recent court […]

Behind the Scenes: Obama Tightens Grip on Biden’s 2024 Run

In an unexpected yet strategic development, former President Barack Obama has been significantly increasing his involvement in President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign. This surge in activity from Obama comes amidst growing concerns within the Democratic Party about Biden’s ability to secure a second term in the face of mounting political challenges. The Catalyst for Obama’s […]

GOP Senators Vow to Block Biden Nominees Over Trump Conviction: ‘Can’t Reward’ Lawfare

 In a dramatic turn of events following the conviction of former President Donald Trump, a coalition of Republican senators has declared their intention to obstruct President Joe Biden’s nominees. The move, which has been described as a direct response to what they perceive as a politically motivated legal campaign against Trump, has heightened tensions […]

WOW! Joe Biden Says Black and Hispanic Workers Don’t Have High School Diplomas (VIDEO)

On Thursday, Joe Biden gave a speech on his economic plan referred to as “Bidenomics” at Prince George’s Community College in Largo, Maryland. Bidenomics claimes to focus on the issues of high mortgage rates, inflation rates, failed banks, costly groceries, soaring rent prices and dwindling retirement accounts. Joe Biden spoke today about Bidenomics despite core […]

Hilarious Cover Tune “Cocaine” Has America Laughing, Biden’s Hiding

“Took a trip to Ukraine. Now I’m high on this plane… Cocaine” Mailman Media Music released their latest single with the Truth Bombers and The Radikals at midnight on Friday, showcasing a parody of Eric Clapton’s hit, “Cocaine.” This is sure to be ANOTHER hit from Mailman Media, this time exposing the Biden crime family. […]

Bannon charges dismissed

A Manhattan federal judge Tuesday dismissed an indictment against pardoned former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon.