Students at Hillcrest High School in Queens, NY Filmed Beating Security Guard

On Monday, Hillcrest High School in Queens made national headlines when students rioted in the hallways following news that a Jewish teacher had attended a pro-Israel rally in New York City. The prearranged demonstration was sparked by the teacher’s Facebook profile photo featuring a poster reading “I stand with Israel.” The female teacher hid in […]

Pentagon Fails Sixth Straight Audit, Trillions of Dollars ‘Missing’

Despite promises from Pentagon leaders to make improvements each year, the Department of Defense (DOD) has failed its sixth consecutive audit with minimal progress from the year before. According to a Wednesday statement, seven of the 29 sub-agencies received a clean audit in 2023 – no change from 2022. This is unsurprising considering the complexity […]

Preschool Teachers In DC, Walking With Toddlers, Violently Attacked In Broad Daylight

On Monday, a tragic incident occurred in the nation’s capital, Washington D.C., where two preschool teachers were violently attacked while taking a class of toddlers on a walk. The assailant asked them for money and, upon being refused, resorted to violence in broad daylight in front of 30 small children. Both teachers were taken to […]

Protests Erupt After Father Arrested For Defending Son From Attackers With A Shovel

On September 28, a 13-year-old boy, whose identity the New York Post has withheld (hereafter referred to as Brian), was playing basketball with his friends at Dyker Heights in Brooklyn, NY, when two classmates attempted to join their game. After an altercation ensued, one of the attackers called family members for help. Two cellphone videos […]

IRS Whistleblower Gary Shapley Removed From Hunter Biden Case

A new report has revealed that Gary Shapley, the IRS whistleblower involved in the Hunter Biden investigation, was removed from the case after a disagreement with special counsel David Weiss. IRS Whistleblower Was Removed From Hunter Biden Case After Rift With Top Prosecutor, IRS Officials Testify via @dailycaller — Laura Marklin (@LauraMarklin) September 26, […]

Video Captures Karate Instructors Stopping Armed Carjackers

A dramatic carjacking in Oakland, California, was thwarted when two karate instructors rushed to the aid of the victim. KTVU-TV obtained a video of the incident from Moss and Spade, a nearby plant nursery business. In the video, the victim is seen exiting his car, which was parked on Piedmont Avenue, when two assailants pull […]

Final Three Men Acquitted In Whitmer Kidnapping Case

On Friday, an Antrim County, Michigan jury acquitted Twin brothers William and Michael Null and Eric Molitor of charges of providing material support for a terrorist act and illegally possessing firearms. The three men had faced up to 20 years in prison for their alleged crimes. This. — Catturd ™ (@catturd2) September 15, 2023 […]

Hollywood Riot Erupts, Unruly Crowds Fight, Assault Officers, and Burn Cars

Los Angeles, California – Skateboarders in the city recently caused a disturbance during the Second Annual Skate Jam in Hollywood. Hosted by F***ing Awesome World Entertainment and Adidas Skateboarding, the event began at 4:30 p.m. local time on the 1600 block of Cherokee Avenue. Reports indicate that violence broke out after three hours, with skaters […]

Man Pummels 60-Year-Old New York Woman with Her Own Cane

Late last week, a particularly violent assault occurred in a Harlem subway station, leaving onlookers shocked and horrified. At approximately 3:30 a.m. on Friday, the New York Police Department reported that an incident occurred involving a 60-year-old woman walking near the West 116 Street and Lenox Avenue station; at which point, a homeless man physically […]

California Jewelry Store Employees Stop Would-Be Thief After He Assaulted Them

Residents in El Monte, California have become increasingly frustrated with the recurrence of smash-and-grab robberies throughout the state due to lenient criminal justice policies. According to KTLA, on a recent occasion a man of considerable size entered Meza’s Jewelry at 10909 Main Street and proceeded to discharge bear-repellant spray while wielding a hammer. The suspect […]

Navy Veteran Brutally Beaten While Walking Dog in Philly

Retired Navy Commander Scott Harris, aged 62, was out walking his dog – a rescue from Ukraine – in his neighborhood on Saturday night when he experienced a brutal attack. Reports from NBC 10 indicate that at least one person attacked him from behind, knocking him unconscious and stealing his wallet. Harris was later treated […]

Kidnappers Caught By Truck Driver, Rescues “Approximately 15” Children

In a deeply unsettling incident, Michael, a vigilant truck driver, proved himself to be a hero by alerting authorities. He had been parked in a rest area off I-10 in a border state when he noticed a pick-up truck pull up nearby. The man and woman proceeded to unlock a padlocked cage beneath the tarp […]

Former FBI contractor accused of grooming dozens of boys, soliciting child pornography

A former FBI contractor from Arlington, Virginia has been indicted for reportedly engaging in the grooming of dozens of children and soliciting child pornography. Brett William Janes, who joined the FBI in May and had previously worked for an intelligence agency, has allegedly been interacting with approximately twelve minors over Discord and Snapchat. This is […]

Katie Hobbs Asked Twitter to Censor 2020 Election Tweets Days After Election

Emails recently obtained from the office of Katie Hobbs, Secretary of State for Arizona, suggest that she may have abused her power and requested Twitter to censor tweets critical of her 2020 Election misconduct as soon as November 2020. This alleged collusion between Hobbs and Twitter would be a violation of the Constitution and contradicts […]