Chicago’s Homelessness TRIPLES as Biden’s Migrants Overwhelm Shelters

The once robust and industrious city of Chicago is now facing an unprecedented crisis: homelessness has tripled since 2023. This alarming surge is attributed largely to the influx of illegal immigrants overwhelming the city’s already strained shelter system. According to data, this dramatic increase is not only disheartening but also unsustainable, threatening the social fabric […]

Surge in Criminal Aliens: US Border Security at Breaking Point

The United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has reported a significant increase in the number of criminals apprehended while attempting to enter the country illegally. This unprecedented surge, detailed in recent statistics, highlights the growing challenge of securing the nation’s borders and underscores the need for effective border enforcement policies. According to CBP data, […]

Illegal Crossings At NORTHERN Border Also Breaking Records

In an unexpected turn of events, the U.S.-Canada border is witnessing a historic surge in illegal crossings, setting new records and challenging the nation’s immigration enforcement agencies. Traditionally overshadowed by the heavily publicized southern border issues, the northern border is now emerging as a significant point of entry for unauthorized migrants. According to data released […]

Over 700 Illegals Walk Across Open Border into Lukeville, Arizona in Just a Few Hours

On Friday afternoon, within a few hours, more than 700 undocumented immigrants crossed the border at Organ Pipe National Monument near Lukeville, Arizona. “700+ migrants have crossed illegally within last few hours west of Lukeville, AZ in the Organ Pipe National Monument. Line is growing and is over a quarter mile long!!” retired ICE Field […]

Musk Livestreams Visit to Southern Border To Give First-Hand Account of Migrant Crisis

Technology mogul and entrepreneur Elon Musk followed through on his promise to visit the U.S.-Mexico border, where an illegal migrant and drug-smuggling crisis has been unfolding since the commencement of the Biden administration. During his visit, he broadcasted live footage of himself dialoguing with federal and local officials about the ongoing crises. Moreover, Congressman Tony […]

Donald Trump Promises the ‘Largest Domestic Deportation Operation in American History’

During his speech in Dubuque, Iowa on Wednesday, former President Donald Trump declared his intention to carry out what he called “the largest domestic deportation operation in American history,” evoking the Eisenhower model. Trump spoke of the need for border security and an end to illegal immigration within America’s borders. “One of the most important […]

Federal judge rules against Obama DACA amnesty, will likely be decided by Supreme Court

A federal judge has struck down former President Barack Obama’s controversial DACA migrant policy in court, though its ultimate resolution is expected to be determined by the United States Supreme Court. U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen previously ruled against the program; however, due to a technicality, he was required to review it once more. “While […]