Ilhan Omar Booted from House Foreign Affairs Committee

On Thursday, the House voted along party lines to give Rep. Ilhan Omar the boot from her seat on the Foreign Affairs Committee due to her previous derogatory remarks about Jewish people, as well as her anti-Israel stance. The vote passed 218-211 to remove the “Squad” member, with every Democrat voting to keep her on […]

Progressives want more money for social projects

Progressives on Wednesday viewed President Biden’s latest spending plan on families as a good start, but said the $1.8 trillion proposal is still too small to provide a necessary safety net for the American public. 

Farrakhan is Jesus?

Farrakhan Claims Jesus Didn’t Die On The Cross, ‘God Does Not Love This World’

ISIS leader turns to Christ?

Former ‘Prince of ISIS’ Turns to Christ After a God Dream: ‘I Saw a Love That Didn’t Exist in Islam’

Is this U.S. City Council trying to implement Sharia law?

Hamtramck, Michigan proves that Americans are embracing Muslim-Americans in political positions. Out of their 6 member City Council board, 4 are Muslim. Now they are beginning to see why so many have warned that Islam is not compatible with American freedoms.

Muslim Man Rescues 64 Christians from being Murdered by ISIS

“When ISIS came, they recognized me and they showed respect by just leaving when I told them to leave,” he added. “They didn’t know I was hiding Christians. If they knew that there were Christians in my house, they would all be beheaded and executed.”