Federal Judge Halts Biden’s Title IX Expansion, Cites ‘Abuse of Power’

 In a significant judicial decision, a federal judge has blocked the Biden administration’s proposed overhaul of Title IX regulations in four states, citing concerns of executive overreach and abuse of power. The ruling, which affects Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky, represents a substantial setback for the administration’s efforts to expand the scope of Title […]

Pelosi’s plummeting ratings

According to a surprising new poll, Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s favorability rating has now plummeted to a mere 38 percent.

The END of the Dems in 2022

Media outlets are trying really hard to keep Trump and his acolytes in the news, but with a Democratic administration comes a focus on what the party in power is doing.

Senate Dem has had it with Biden

One practice the Biden regime has been fond of is suddenly dropping off migrants in random towns along the border and saying essentially, “Here, you deal with them.”

Vermont OK’s non citizen voting?

Noncitizens who reside in Vermont’s capital city Montpelier are now one step closer to being able to vote in certain local elections after the state Senate approved such a measure on Tuesday.

MSNBC call Jenner a hypocrite for stating Science FACT!

MSNBC host Joy Reid agreed with a transgender activist guest who slammed Caitlyn Jenner as a “hypocrite” following the reality television star’s comments on her stance regarding transgender children and sports teams.