Supreme Court Vindicates Texas Grandmother in Landmark Political Retaliation Case, 7-2

Eric Thompson Show Podcast   In a decisive ruling, the Supreme Court has sided with a Texas grandmother who was previously jailed in what she alleged was an act of political retaliation. The case, which has drawn significant national attention, underscores critical issues regarding the abuse of power and the judicial protection of individual rights […]

Special Counsel Jack Smith Admits Cover Sheets Were Added In Photos

In a stunning revelation, Special Counsel Jack Smith admitted that the FBI added cover sheets to documents purportedly classified during the raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. This disclosure has ignited fierce debate about the integrity of the investigation and the tactics employed by federal agencies. Smith’s admission came during a recent court […]

Trump Claims He Has $500k In Cash For Bond Money For “rigged and corrupt [NY] AG Case

President Donald J. Trump was directed on February 16 to pay $454 million in penalties by Judge Engoron for fraudulently inflating his assets to enhance his net worth. The imposed fee, determined solely by Manhattan Judge Arthur Engoron, comprised approximately $355 million in disgorgement and over $98 million in prejudgment interest at a rate of […]

Georgia State Senator Takes First Step to Impeach Fulton County DA Willis

On Thursday, state Senator Colton Moore of Georgia took a significant step towards potentially impeaching Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. A letter was sent to Governor Brian Kemp by Moore which, as obtained by Breitbart News, outlined an emergency session to examine the actions taken by Willis in light of the indictments placed on […]