CNN Analyst Speechless Over Trump’s Historic Black Voter Support

Eric Thompson Show Podcast  CNN Data Reporter Shocked at Trump’s Level of Support with Black Voters In a striking revelation, CNN data reporter Harry Enten expressed profound astonishment at the unprecedented level of support former President Donald Trump is garnering among Black voters. This development, he suggests, could signify a seismic shift in American […]

Trump Appears To Be On Path For Biggest GOP Win In Decades

A recent analysis conducted by prominent election forecasters brings promising results for former President Donald Trump and the overall Republican party. According to Decision Desk HQ’s assessment, which took into account polls nationwide, Trump is projected to secure over 300 electoral votes. This victory is largely attributed to his potential success in winning back several […]

9 in 10 Americans Have Growing Concerns About Biden’s Mental Status

President Joe Biden received more bad news from a recent survey, as his likely opponent in the upcoming election, former President Donald Trump, continues to gain momentum. The survey conducted by NBC News revealed that an overwhelming majority of respondents, approximately 89 percent, expressed worries about Biden’s mental state. “The poll published Tuesday — ahead […]

President Trump Polling Well Over DeSantis With 63% Total Support in Post Debate Poll

On September 28th, Morning Consult surveyed 1,183 potential Republican primary voters. This poll revealed that President Trump leads Ron DeSantis by over 50%, garnering 62% of support from all candidates. This is notable considering the September 27th Republican Primary Debate in California, which Trump did not attend; nonetheless, he experienced a five-point increase since the […]

Poll shows two thirds of voters want McConnell to resign

A recent poll commissioned by Newsweek and carried out by Redfield & Wilton Strategies has revealed that a large portion of eligible voters believe it is time for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to resign. The survey, conducted from August 5th to 6th, reported that 64% of respondents agreed McConnell should step down and 39% […]