*** Happy New Year ***

Happy New year, may you have a safe and blessed new year – do you know what you are celebrating?

*** Happy New Year ***

Happy New year, may you have a safe and blessed new year – do you know what you are celebrating?

NFL losing money? No way!

The NFL protests have been lucrative for social justice charities — they’ll receive a whopping $89 million in “settlement” money, redirected from veterans and breast cancer charity funds

Obama Admin BLEW 150 Billion on green energy!

Obama managed to repeatedly misappropriate funds for his green energy wet dream, and taxpayers lost billions. Along with what we’ve already discussed, Obama buried climate change in almost all his legislation. He attempted to make climate change expenditures difficult to track and even more difficult to remove.

Democrats’ Lousy Week Downplayed By Mainstream Media

A “unity reform commission” the party created last July — made up of leaders selected separately by Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders — is tasked with making a recommendation by the end of this year: Keep superdelegates, eliminate them, or something in between.

800 PARENTS stop White Privilege class!

Betsy Hart, spokeswoman for the group Parents of New Trier that was formed to oppose the white privilege lessons, described the decision not to hold the event next year as “a wise move.”

“What happened this year was so divisive – best to not repeat it,” she told North Cook News.

Instead, Hayes said officials plan to hold a homeroom activity for students on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Catholic school calls Virginity a social construct!

The poster board included “resources” from “LGBT+ friendly” sites, including Scarleteen.com, Asexuality.org, Queertips.org, PlannedParenthood.org, Bisexual.org, and Bedsider.org. This despite the fact that the Catholic Church takes a stance against same-sex marriage and abortion, a conflict with many of the cited resources.

Run for Congress – Get a girlfriend!

Williams and Hastings’ met in the 1980s. He was a federal judge facing impeachment and she was on the legal team representing him. After the trial, he hired her as a staff assistant in 1993. She has since worked her way up to her current position. Congressional staffers salaries have only been publicly reported since 2000.

Healthcare: Voting like Stepford Legislators

Now the shoe is on the other foot and who is the party of no? Many major Democrat legislators have spoken out and said they simply would not work with Trump. Period! That doesn’t sound like a group that wants what’s right for our country. AT the core of these Democrat legislators is the thought that they are the righteous ones.