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Whistleblower Nurse Targeted by FBI for Exposing Controversial Child Gender Transition Practices

Nurse In Trouble For Exposing Child Mutilations At Hospital

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Trump Gag Order Appeal Dismissed By New York Court Of Appeal
WTH?! Another Big Loss For Trump In Liberal Court

In a landmark decision, New York's highest court dismissed former President Donald Trump's appeal to lift a gag order imposed on him during ongoing legal…

Republicans Create Legislative Initiatives To Honor Donald Trump
WOW! What The GOP Just Did For Trump Will Blow Your Mind

Republican lawmakers are advancing multiple legislative efforts to honor former President Donald J. Trump, highlighting his enduring influence within the GOP. These initiatives underscore a…

Buffalo Bills Support LGBTQ Initiative, Sparking Diverse Reactions
WTH!? NFL Team Comes Out In Support of LGBTQ Initiative

Christian Talk Podcast  The Buffalo Bills To Sponsor "Gay" Flag Football Team The National Football League for decades was the place where tough man…

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