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Illegal Aliens – Final Thoughts

After 2 hours of listening to many guests that are in the middle of it, I hear 2 messages:

1. There should be an easy and equitable way to enter into this country. There should be a way that the ones here should be able to prove they are a value to our society and stay. We can’t just ignore the kids that were brought here, educated here, grew up here and would not know how to move back into the culture of the country of their parents’ origin.

2. We just can’t afford it. The financial strain on our economy is enormous. There are American men and women that will do the work the illegals are doing.

I think we all need to get real and stop talking out of both sides of our mouths.

Advocates: Stop telling us that “They pay taxes to”, because they don’t! They pay a small part of sales tax and other taxes that are directly associated with “sales tax” but no contribution to State and Federal payroll taxes. They are a strain on our health and education system. Just stop trying to put a dress on a pig and we might be willing to help.

There is no real EQUITY among American born and illegals. Right now illegals have the edge.

Against it:  Business owners, STOP talking out of both sides of your mouth. If you hire an illegal worker, you deserve everything that comes from it. Raids on your establishment, fines and so on… and maybe it’s worth it to you.

Stop saying send them all home! We can’t. It would be a nightmare. Homeowners, do you really think it’s fine for your gardener, housekeeper, or handyman to be illegal and then get mad at the legislators for not closing the border?  HHHmmmm!

We need to stop pointing fingers, have some real honest dialogue, and work toward a solution.

Maybe we have no guest worker program until unemployment is below 5%.

Maybe if your on welfare you have to put in some work hours every week for the state or local government.

I don’t have the answers, but there out there.

AND, illegal is illegal! 

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