Wisconsin Supreme Court May Reverse Ban on Ballot Drop Boxes

The Wisconsin Supreme Court garnered widespread attention a couple of years ago when it issued a ruling stating that state law does not allow for the utilization of ballot drop boxes beyond election offices. This decision was met with approval from the GOP; however, conservatives are now expressing intense displeasure at the potential reversal of […]

CNN Panel Surprised By Effective Questioning of Prosecution Witness By Trump Attorney

A group of experts and pundits on CNN were surprised by the effectiveness of the cross-examination conducted by a lawyer for former President Donald Trump in the hush-money case involving Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s prosecutors. Anchor Erin Burnett and chief legal analyst Paula Reid were shocked by how well the questioning of witness Keith […]

President Trump Receives Warm Welcome as He Delivers Pizzas to New York Firefighters

President Trump received a warm welcome from New York City’s police force as he presented them with a special treat after a lengthy day in court. According to Fox News, the former president spent most of the day inside a Manhattan courtroom, observing testimony and cross-examinations related to unfounded criminal charges against him. The proceedings […]

House Democrats Announce They Will Save Speaker Johnson

Republicans initially entered Congress with a strong agenda to hold President Joe Biden accountable but will now conclude their term in a coalition government with Democrats, despite maintaining a narrow majority. In an unexpected turn of events, House Democrat leaders announced on Tuesday that they would postpone a vote on Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s motion […]

Controversy Explodes as Avenatti Considers Testifying for Trump

Michael Avenatti, the once-prominent attorney whose fall from grace was swift and spectacular, finds himself unexpectedly entangled in the ongoing legal saga surrounding former President Donald Trump. Formerly a vocal figure in the anti-Trump narrative that dominated left-leaning circles, Avenatti now stands at a crossroads as reports suggest he may testify in Trump’s defense. In […]

Trump Denies Brian Stelter Press Credentials, Tells Him to Buy GA Ticket Instead!

Brian Stelter, a figure known for his left-wing media views and controversial reputation, has found himself facing yet another setback. Following his departure from CNN and recent grievances about being likened to a baked potato, Stelter was recently denied press credentials to Trump campaign events. The decision was part of a series of punitive measures […]

Michael Rapaport Goes Off on Joe Biden in Viral Rant, Hints At Voting For Trump

Actor and comedian Michael Rapaport, known for his left-wing views, launched a fierce attack on Joe Biden, dubbing him “Cadaver Joe Biden,” and criticizing the policies of New York City. He even confessed that considering voting for former President Trump in 2024 is a possibility. The video of his passionate critique gained rapid popularity as […]

Trump Claims He Has $500k In Cash For Bond Money For “rigged and corrupt [NY] AG Case

President Donald J. Trump was directed on February 16 to pay $454 million in penalties by Judge Engoron for fraudulently inflating his assets to enhance his net worth. The imposed fee, determined solely by Manhattan Judge Arthur Engoron, comprised approximately $355 million in disgorgement and over $98 million in prejudgment interest at a rate of […]

The RNC Hires Activist Scott Presler to Lead Ballot Chasing Effort for 2024

Conservative activist Scott Presler is now being hired by the RNC after years of volunteering his services. He will spearhead efforts to collect ballots for the upcoming 2024 election, a task at which he has excelled while registering voters to support Republicans across different states. This development comes as Lara Trump assumes a leadership role […]

Supreme Court Temporarily Halts Enforcement of Texas Immigration Law

The U.S. Supreme Court has halted the enforcement of a new Texas law that would have permitted the arrest of individuals who are in the state and country illegally, dealing a setback to the state officials. “Justice Samuel Alito issued the administrative hold, which will block the law from taking effect until March 13. That […]

Trump Appears To Be On Path For Biggest GOP Win In Decades

A recent analysis conducted by prominent election forecasters brings promising results for former President Donald Trump and the overall Republican party. According to Decision Desk HQ’s assessment, which took into account polls nationwide, Trump is projected to secure over 300 electoral votes. This victory is largely attributed to his potential success in winning back several […]

9 in 10 Americans Have Growing Concerns About Biden’s Mental Status

President Joe Biden received more bad news from a recent survey, as his likely opponent in the upcoming election, former President Donald Trump, continues to gain momentum. The survey conducted by NBC News revealed that an overwhelming majority of respondents, approximately 89 percent, expressed worries about Biden’s mental state. “The poll published Tuesday — ahead […]

Trump Meets RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel In Mar a Lago, Discusses Future Of GOP

According to Politico, Donald Trump met with Ronna McDaniel at his Mar-a-Lago estate on Monday. This meeting was confirmed by two sources familiar with the discussion. Following the meeting, Trump announced that he plans to offer recommendations for the Republican Party’s growth after the South Carolina GOP primary. There has been speculation about McDaniel’s leadership […]

President Trump Mentions Two Potential VP Candidates During Interview

President Trump recently appeared on Maria Bartiromo’s show, Sunday Morning Futures. During the interview, they discussed a range of topics including Trump’s concerns about a potential terrorist attack and changes to the Republican National Committee (RNC). However, what caught the most attention was Trump’s discussion about his choice for a running mate. When prompted by […]

Speaker Mike Johnson: Biden Is Not the One in Charge

House Speaker Mike Johnson recently provided compelling evidence to support the long-standing claims that Joe Biden is not truly in charge as president. In an interview on Fox Business, the Louisiana Republican expressed doubt about Biden’s involvement in making decisions regarding immigration policies. Johnson suggested that Biden’s staff was preventing him from taking executive action […]

Missouri Joins Other States in Caucus System for Electing Party’s Presidential Nominee

Missouri has recently adopted a caucus system, joining other states in choosing their party’s presidential nominee. This decision was made after the Missouri General Assembly passed a law in 2022 to abolish the traditional March Presidential Preference Primary. The new process, outlined in Missouri statutes RSMo 115.776, grants the responsibility of nominating candidates to the […]

Former Democrat Sheriff Switches Parties and Endorses Trump

Manny Gonzales, a former Marine Corps veteran and lifelong Democrat, had previously served as the sheriff of Bernalillo County in New Mexico. However, according to an article published on Breitbart over the weekend, Gonzales recently made a surprising move by switching parties and endorsing former President Donald Trump. Gonzales explained that he believes Trump has […]

The State of New California Is Taking Another Giant Step Forward with Its Statehood

New California, a forward-thinking state, is proud to announce its upcoming “STEPS to STATEHOOD” event in Sacramento this Monday. Led by visionary Paul Preston and inspired by the US Constitution and the West Virginia model from the Civil War, New California is taking all necessary steps towards becoming a new state. When Americans find themselves […]

Trump Slams Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy as ‘not MAGA’

A few days before the Iowa Caucuses, former President Trump unleashed his initial public criticisms against Vivek Ramaswamy. Trump and his campaign accused Ramaswamy of being a “fraud” who does not truly embody the values of the MAGA movement. Despite previously showing strong support for Trump and frequently criticizing other Republican contenders, Ramaswamy became the […]

Rep. Greene Says Speaker Johnson Is Failing Republicans

During a heated interview on Steve Bannon’s “War Room,” Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) expressed strong disapproval of Speaker Mike Johnson, asserting that his leadership is letting down Republicans and indicating that he may need to be ousted from his role. This follows Johnson’s announcement of a $1.590 trillion budget for the fiscal year 2024, […]

Vivek Ramaswamy Flips NBC News Script, Shuts Down Several Race-Baiting Questions

When will the corporate media understand that attempting to pressure Vivek Ramaswamy is ill-advised? On Wednesday, a female Washington Post reporter attempted to corner Ramaswamy at one of his Iowa campaign events with an unfounded question about white supremacy, only for him to decisively refute her. The following day, NBC News journalist Dasha Burns confronted […]

Lindsey Graham Changes His Tune on January 6th, Now Defends Trump’s Actions

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has retracted his previous condemnation of the events of January 6th, a sign of Donald Trump’s increasing popularity ahead of 2024. Despite having been an on-and-off supporter for years, Graham had almost cut ties with Trump following the Capitol riot. However, in a recent interview with CBS, he defended Trump and […]