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Patriotism – Final thoughts

Today we found out that Patriotism might mean many things to many people. The common thread was, Love of Country. Most people express it in many ways, Flag waiving, Special observances during the year, BBQ’s and so on.

I was not here on the 5th, if you tuned in I was home relaxing with my wife.
Thanks to the Patriots who went before me and made that possible…
With that in mind, today’s show was about PATRIOTISM. What is it? Why is it important?
Is it important enough to die for?
Today we use the word Patriotism like we use the word and meaning of Christmas.
There is a true meaning of Christmas that over the years has been allowed to be eroded and forgotten.
It’s gone from a time of giving of one self, of remembering the importance of family, for Christians remembering Christ’s birth… to TODAY… how much can my budget bear… how do I make sure I don’t tick off any of my relatives or friends.. VERY different meaning.
The true meaning of patriotism has also eroded… (in my opinion…)
Were our Founding Fathers patriots? What did they give up for their PATRIOTISM??
Would America be a different place today if the founding fathers considered patriotism unimportant?
Today patriotism has taken on a meaning of Parades, BBQ’s, days off w/pay.
Wave flags, BUT DON’T INSULT ANYONE! Don’t push your brand of Americanism on anyone.
I think the Tea Partiers have re-sparked Patriotism.
They get out and get involved… (as do many NON tea partiers)
We need to get out and get involved.


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Joe Messina

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