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Can I have a toke?

So, we have passed medical marijuana laws and, as a result, we have MANY teenagers with medical marijuana cards for all kinds of reasons. It’s already causing a host of new issues and challenges at the school level.


Now we want to pass it for general daily use… like having a beer. I guess we don’t have enough issues with drunk drivers, teenage pregnancy, and alcohol addiction. Let’s add marijuana, the “Jump off Drug”.


How about the legal side? It’s against Federal Law! What happens when the Federal and State laws collide? Well, apparently, if the law is about illegal immigration, the administration takes you to court. If it’s about dope, let’s pull back and not get too crazy. What’s the big deal? It’s just drugs.


Excerpt from API…


The proposition’s supporters dispute the chamber’s findings. They point to the state Legislative Analyst’s Office’s determination that employers would “retain existing rights to address consumption of marijuana that impairs an employee’s job performance.”


Mainly at issue is a section of the proposition that says no one can “be denied any right or privilege” because they engaged in legal conduct permitted by the act, such as smoking pot.


The section continues: “The existing right of an employer to address consumption that actually impairs job performance by an employee shall not be affected.”


Some groups claim the proposition would create a new, ill-defined standard of “actual impairment” that would prevent employers from disciplining workers simply for consuming marijuana. Instead, according to the chamber’s analysis, employers would have to prove that pot impaired an employee’s job performance.


“For example, if a forklift driver showed up reeking of marijuana smoke, an employer could not take disciplinary action until it could be proven that the employee’s job performance was ‘actually impaired’ by the marijuana use (for example, after an accident occurred),” the chamber wrote.


The Proposition 19 campaign said in a statement Thursday that employers under the law would still be able to prohibit and punish employees for marijuana consumption that impairs job performance just as they would for alcohol.


Employers would still be able to ban possession or consumption of pot at work and keep rules in place that involve driving or operating dangerous machinery, the campaign said. Employers could still certify that they maintained a “drug-free” workplace by prohibiting marijuana possession or use on the job.


How about just before work, lunch, and so on??


Portions taken from API, read the rest of the article.

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