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OK, I took a minute, I’m calm…  Well, NOT REALLY!

As in my previous post, I stated that the Eugene (Oregon) City Council decided that the Pledge of Allegiance was divisive. HMMMMM… let’s look at that. YES, I actually agree.

“ONE NATION”… that would divide us from the rest of the world… “INDIVISIBLE”… a contradiction you say? NO…
We are UNDIVIDED AS THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I am part of America whether I eat chitterlings or caviar.
I will help my brother American from the South, New England, the Southwest, or wherever.

And then there’s that “liberty and justice for all” thing…
That is VERY divisive. WHY?

Because it separates us from MANY other countries.

Liberty to pursue our careers, to pursue education whether you be male or female.
Liberty to live wherever we want, move when we want.

Justice… HMMM a jury of peers, NOT dictators, or that instant justice thing where they whip you in the street because too much of your ANKLE was showing!

We have forgotten what we have in this country because we have had it for so long. A simple patriotic action like Pledging Allegiance to America is now becoming an issue?

Do you think our forefathers would have an issue with this?
I believe they pledged allegiance with out uttering a word. They gave everything for this country.
Were they being DIVISIVE? You BET they were! They wanted to be DIVIDED from England so they could have FREEDOM.
Thankfully, THEY BOTHERED to give it all (in reference to the Council member who said they had more important things to deal with!).

To the one Council member who said… “reciting the pledge was like reciting the communist manifesto…”
I’m surprised lightning didn’t strike them.
HOW INSULTING! Yes, she has the freedom to say that, and YES, I have the freedom to be MAJOR LEAGUE INSULTED…!

Lets not forget the great line from one Council person, “The Pledge is something someone does in private!” (bang! thud!) REALLY?  Come on!

Check out what locals had to say.

SO I have decided to BOYCOTT EUGENE and it’s BUSINESSES.

Please join me by signing the petition at:
Each Eugene City Council member will receive an email for every signature. We CAN make a difference!

Better yet, call one of the Council members:

Joe Messina

Joe Messina

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