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America Under Attack – The never ending Saga!

Pearl Harbor, 9-11, or ??? When did it start? Who started it? Will it end? When?
When we think of an attack of horrific proportion we think of the lives lost in Pearl Harbor. We were outraged! Then you think of 9-11. How could they? Innocent people lost their lives.

But what about the attacks that aren’t as blatant? Those that aren’t considered historic or monumental “in your face” attacks, but are attacks that have been waged slowly but surely over the years undermining our foundation of freedom…

ATTACK: The Constitution is outdated, no longer necessary, and doesn’t pertain today. Time magazine says the founding fathers could not have understood things of the future, like; Lady Gaga, the internet, spaceships, and weapons of mass destruction.

Thank GOD they didn’t! They focused on the one constant that would always go awry without checks and balances… MAN (and woman too!).

They knew that without basic guidelines men would ruin this new country that they were helping to shape and create. They didn’t want a king because they knew firsthand that a kingdom government had not worked.

As simply stated in the Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths…” (a truth is an absolute, not up for discussion) “That all men are created equal”… wait a minute…

If we are all created equal, why am I blind in one eye? My neighbor isn’t! Why isn’t my house as big as the guy’s down the street? OHHHH… We are created with an equal ability to pursue success. We are free to be designers of our own destiny, to worship where and when we wish, or NOT TOO! You won’t find these opportunities under a kingship.

Do we really need to look at whether or not we should still use the Constitution as our
country’s guidance system? Or should we just trust our king, sorry, I mean President and Congress?

ATTACK: Eugene (Oregon) City Council decides no more Pledge of Allegiance. It’s way too divisive.

A city in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, protected by the AMERICAN CONSTITUTION, PROTECTED BY THE AMERICAN MILITARY, supported in American TAX dollars, finds the Pledge to the UNITED STATES divisive!

I agree! The Constitution was meant to be divisive. It was meant to separate us from other nations and set us apart from the way other nations do business. So, “I pledge allegiance to the flag, (why because of what it stands for, the Flag is backed up by The Constitution, like our money is backed by gold) of the United States of America, (this great country) and to the Republic, (not a democracy, a REPUBLIC and representative government BY THE PEOPLE) for which it stands, ONE NATION, (not one world nation!) under God, (deal with it! Why? Because the minute man thinks he gets his marching orders from himself, we are all doomed.) with liberty (freedom to do anything you want within the law without trampling on someone else’s freedom) and justice (by a group of your peers, not a dictator that takes you out and has you shot because they “think” you did something wrong) for ALL (rich, poor, short, tall, black, white, man, woman).

We need to understand that the American way of life gives us the freedoms to be anything we want to be. A single mom from South Central LA can be the next Sally Ride. The inner city kid who has only seen drugs and poverty can be the next Donald Trump.

The system was never set up to guarantee happiness and prosperity. The guarantee was just that all Americans would all have access to opportunities for success.

You have to have an allegiance to something. You have to have a faith in something bigger than yourself. Otherwise, you are adrift with no solid foundation.

America is attacked every day at the core, chipping away at the foundation of this country, the Pledge and what it stands for, the Constitution and what it stands for, the foundation our forefathers set up. As these things give way or erode so does the American way of life. Fight back America! Stay vigilant! Don’t give an inch!

America’s foundation, The Constitution, was put together by men with a single vision. They did not necessarily have the same approach BUT with one purpose in mind they set in motion unity, peace, liberty, and freedom for ALL citizens. The Constitution is still valid. It’s still worth fighting for. And it’s certainly worthy of making a Pledge of Allegiance.

Joe Messina

Joe Messina

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