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What the Mainstream Media Will never tell you about prayer!

‘What the Mainstream Media Will
Never Tell You About Prayer . . .’
  • Does prayer really work?
  • Can prayer prevent and even reverse disease?
  • Can prayer strengthen your brain and prevent mental decline?
  • Can prayer improve your relationships?
  • Can prayer increase your happiness and success?
Christian Talk Podcast

Yes, these are truly fascinating questions, but don’t look to the mainstream media for answers.

In fact, the media routinely avoid this subject, even though statistics show three out of every four Americans pray on a daily or weekly basis.

But with so many people praying regularly, we thought you deserved scientific answers to these and many more questions on prayer.

So today, we’re reporting the results of our exhaustive investigation into how praying impacts your brain, and by extension, your overall health and happiness.

Hello, I’m Travis Davis, publisher of the Newsmax’s The Mind Health Report, the newsletter for people who want to:

  • Improve their memory and mental function . . .
  • Enhance their daily problem-solving ability . . .
  • Prevent mental decline, dementia, and Alzheimer’s . . .
  • Live longer, healthier, and happier lives . . .

To this end, we sent our Mind Health Report team out to the scientific medical community, to learn the potential benefits of regular prayer practice.

And let me be clear. We’re not promoting any specific religion or spiritual practice.

But rather, we wanted to see what neuroscientists learned from their laboratory tests and controlled double-blind medical studies regarding these questions . . .

  1. Does prayer work?
  2. What impact does prayer have on your brain?
  3. What benefits, if any, does prayer offer to your physical, mental, and
    emotional well-being?
  4. And if prayer activity can be scientifically measured, can you improve
    the practice to achieve even better results?

Frankly, We Were Both Surprised and
Excited by What We Found . . .

Because not only can you measure prayer as brain activity, but prayer also has been scientifically proven to help:

  • Reduce stress and lower your blood pressure . . .
  • Boost your resistance to illness and disease . . .
  • Neutralize harmful negative emotions . . .
  • Enhance your memory and mental function . . .
  • Prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease . . .
  • Decrease your suffering from pain . . .
  • Give you a healthier, longer, and happier life . . .

In fact, it even does far more than this. And today, I’m going to share with you some of what we discovered.

But since our presentation here is limited, I also want you to know that we’ve prepared two detailed reports for you . . .

These Reports are So Important,
We Want You to Have Both of Them FREE!

Your first FREE report (a $15 value) focuses on the groundbreaking work of Dr. Andrew Newberg, director of the Myrna Brind Center for Integrative Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

Dr. Newberg is one of the founders of the field of “neurotheology” — the scientific study of the relationship between the brain and spiritual phenomena.

And, your second FREE report (also a $15 value) focuses on the research results of 47 double-blind medical studies on the proven health benefits of prayer.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Improved immune function
  • Reduced risk of death from heart attack and stroke
  • Less stress — and increased peace of mind
  • Reduction or elimination of panic attacks, anxiety, and depression
  • Reduced impact from chronic pain
  • A more positive, happy outlook on life
  • A healthier, longer, more fulfilled life

In just a moment, you’ll see how to get FREE copies of both reports. But first, let me preview some of the amazing facts you’ll discover in them . . .

And let’s begin by defining “prayer.”

At The Mind Health Report, our goal is to help you achieve better physical, mental, and emotional health through good brain health.

So, for the purposes of our research, we defined “praying” as any mental activity that includes:

  1. Traditional prayers practiced by people of religious faith, such as making a petition to God, or expressing gratitude for God’s goodness.
  2. Meditation, or contemplative reflection on a power greater than oneself, which can be God, the Universe, or all Life.
  3. Focused positive thinking, such as speaking affirmations, setting worthwhile goals, and maintaining positive thoughts and speech.
  4. Attending a church or synagogue service and praying and singing with the congregation.

Of course, if you’re a person who prays regularly, you already know that prayer has brought many positive benefits to your life . . .

Yet what you probably don’t know — but will discover today — is . . .

The Brain Science Behind Prayer

Just keep reading, because you’ll discover:

  • What’s going on in your brain while you’re praying that actually improves
    your physical and mental health . . .
  • What medical researchers have discovered about the act of praying that
    can actually help you get even better results . . .
  • How a specific amount of “prayer time” per day can help prevent memory loss,
    mental decline, and even dementia and Alzheimer’s . . .
  • And, finally, the #1 prayer pitfall that can actually make you sick
    (this is one of the most important bits of wisdom you’ll ever gain) . . .

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