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Religion under attack in America!

Christian Talk Podcast

In my not so humble opinion I believe Religion of all kinds are under attack here in America. However the target or focus is Christionesq in nature.

Lets start with the Pope announcing his resignation from his position due to health issues. This was a BIG deal in and out of the Catholic community. Many Catholics were saddened to hear of his early departure. Many NON-Catholics and Non-Religious people said there were other reasons, sinister reasons. There were many more issues that were going to come out against the church and they wanted him out of the way (whomever they are?).

How about this, pay attention I am going to make it as plain as I can.  He is old, He is sick and feeble and feels that he needs to get out of the way to best serve the institution he loves. IMAGINE THAT!

Look, we have become so cynical as a society that no one does anything for honorable reasons (unless your Democrat, at that point it seems that EVERYTHING a Dem does is for honorable reasons, but that’s another story for another day)

There are still many people who believe that their God and their church is worth sacrificing or dedicating their life to.  Its not a club or a group or a committee. It s a belief. There are some out there, mostly on the left who have said that this is a great opportunity for the Catholic church to “upgrade itself, Woman priests, Woman Pope, Gay marriage, abortion and more..

To a Catholic/Christian Gods word is that HIS word, HE gets to change it not us! Scripture is very clear on the above with the exception of a few “progressive” scholars almost all agree on what God word says about these things. These are GOD’s laws for us, For us to live by. We are not to ignore them or

Maybe there is a direct correlation between our disregard for religion and our disregard for our Constitution and its laws. People are you sold out to anything? Lets make it simple. I am sold out to my wife, I believe in her, I love her, I trust her, I trust her word and her actions especially as it pertains to us.
I believe in her so much that I don’t try to change her. She may have some minor things I don’t care for BUT they aren’t important enough to take up brain space. I joined with her for who she is.

When someone joins a church and believes in its core values, those values are unchangeable.
Asking someone to go against scripture is like asking or encouraging a child to disobey their parents.

Progressives don’t seem to get that. They don’t seem to get that there are foundations that make Religions and this Country Great. If they make one in the group uncomfortable change them, If you don’t believe they are right, change them. REALLY!

How about this if they make you uncomfortable step up or leave the group!, If you don’t believe or agree with them, Leave the group (or move!) Progessives don’t seem to understand that!

Progressives don’t seem to have boundaries or rules that are cemented in, facts and proof don’t seem to be important in making decisions.

You cannot ask Religious people to go against their creator, their creators’ words it wont work. Its called  being dedicated.

Progressives keep asking religious people and institutions to give up their individuality, come in line with the rest of society, “get with the program” except what society accepts!

Fist the constitution, now religion next comes Socialism, check out your history people.

Don’t let it happen to US!

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