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Bludgeoned for Not Towing the Party Line

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Kudos to Bob Beckel for expressing an independent thought based on logic rather than just “towing the party line”. It isn’t easy to speak your mind when it goes against the party you normally align with. It will most certainly generate criticism, wrath, and sometimes get you blackballed. But when you have a loyal following the size that Bob has, it can even warrant a call from the White House!

That’s what happened when he recommended delaying the Obamacare implementation 6 months to a year… a personal call from the White House, followed by a “bludgeon[ing]”.

I don’t often agree with Bob’s position on things but always respect his opinion. The fact that he’s willing to really look at things and weigh out the options, then actually take a stance, even when it does against the majority of those he usually aligns with, well, that just makes me respect him even more.

You can see the interview here.

Hang in there Bob…

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Story originally aired on The Real Side with Joe Messina 10/24/13

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