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Antonio “Socialist” Banderas

Hey Antonio, if that socialist nation is so great, why didn’t you immigrate to Venezuela to make your millions instead of the U.S.? Oh that’s right, capitalism is what made that possible for you. It would have been impossible under socialist rule.

If I’m paying $15 to go see your movie, I don’t want to hear your political “solutions.” You’re a professionally paid liar, why would I listen to you about the economy (or anything else for that matter)?

If you think Chavez and Venezuela have it all figured out, maybe it’s time you immigrate there instead of trying to turn the U.S. into the next socialist republic. We like our capitalism, free market, and limited government rule. If you don’t like it, the borders are open, you can leave anytime.

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via The Real Side Radio Show with Joe Messina 11/25/13

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Joe Messina

All is fair in Radio! Politics, religion, prejudice, illegal immigration, legal immigration. Don't miss the "You're Not Serious" segment. We will be dealing with some of the most asinine items from the week's news. REAL and RAW!! You don't want to miss this show! The Real Side with Joe Messina. EVERY DAY - Check for stations and times.

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