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Concealed Carry Mom Banned from School Campus

Does this mom have a history of violence? Did she threaten a teacher or the principal? Nope. She’s an Army veteran. Did she have a dishonorable discharge? Nope. Based on the story, none of those things happened.

So why is she being banned from school grounds? Simply because she posted a photo of her concealed weapons permit on her personal Facebook page. Does that mean ALL parents with concealed weapons permits are now going to banned from elementary school grounds?

Last I checked, owning a concealed weapons permit was legal. Not only is it legal, but you have to pass various safety and background checks to obtain one! So what, exactly, did this woman do to be barred from her child’s school?

Read more about her story here.

Photo Credit Flickr LINUZ90


Via The Real Side Radio Show with Joe Messina 11/6/13

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Joe Messina

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