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Obamacare Ad Caters to “Hot to Trot”

Progress Now Colorado has released a new ad campaign aimed at millennials. There are 21 poster-type ads of with various content targeting specific demographics.

But some people are taking aim on a couple which they claim are “demeaning to women”. I’d take it a step further than that. It’s not just demeaning to women, it’s a downright scary assessment of what is considered acceptable and normal in today’s society.

Take this ad, for instance. Oh, where to start…

This is “Susie & Nate” and they are “Hot to Trot”. Good to know!

The lead-in line says “Let’s Get Physical”. Judging from her excitement about that package of birth control pills, I doubt they are going to the gym together.

The ad goes on to read “Let’s hope he’s as easy to get as this birth control. My health insurance covers the pill, which means all I have to worry about is getting him between the covers.” (Oh, and that little disclaimer in small print at the bottom of the ad that you also should be concerned with STD’s!)

How is this ad demeaning to women? Didn’t the women’s movement want women to have control of their “reproductive rights” so that they could be free to engage in whatever recreational sexual activities they wanted to? It sounds like Susie has control of all her personal sexual choices (as long as Nate is cooperative).

The one I’m a little concerned for is Nate. Susie sounds a little predatory if you ask me. What if Nate “isn’t that kind of guy” or gets his heart broken? Nevermind that for now.

Actually, I am concerned for Susie too. Because if all Susie is concerned about having healthcare coverage for is birth control, then she’s wasting her money. You can get monthly birth control for significantly less than Obamacare, regardless of your age.

Even more concerning is the spotlight that this little ad puts on young women and sexual promiscuity. Women can choose to be sexually active or not. But this ad attempts to normalize casual sexual encounters.

If this ad depicted a committed relationship she wouldn’t be trying to get him between the sheets and she would already know whether or not he was “easy.” When you know someone and are in relationship with them, you talk about that serious step of getting physically intimate, not “worry about” how you’re going to make it happen.

What’s really demeaning to women are the scars left by casual encounters and failed relationships. Committed relationships built on mutual respect with genuine care and concern leave a lot less scars. I bet that would save billions in Obamacare psychotherapy costs.

What did you think about the ad? Do you think it’s demeaning to Susie or Nate or their entire generation? Let me hear your thoughts…

You can see the whole ad campaign including the ad shown above (photo credit) at:

via The Real Side Radio Show with Joe Messina 11/13/13

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