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Reports indicate that Westboro Baptist Church plans to picket “Fast & Furious” star, Paul Walker’s upcoming funeral.

This church claims to be a Christian organization acting on God’s behalf. Well maybe they are! The Bible speaks of two gods in particular. The God of Abraham and the god of this world (AKA-the Devil). The God of Abraham is full of love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness. The Westboro god is full of hate, unforgiveness and spitefulness.

Whenever I write about crackpot atheists or left-wing, progressive freaks I get a boatload of emails telling me you can’t lump them all together. Really? Then don’t lump all Christians together!

Mr. Walker was recently killed in a car crash near my home. The local media, including my anchor station (KHTS – Los Angeles), have been covering his tragic death. Apparently Paul was a big star and this was newsworthy. I say that not out of disrespect but I was unfamiliar with him and feel we should never value one life over another. A celebrity’s life is no more important than a homeless person’s life.

With that said, Mr. Walker used his fame and success to help those less fortunate that him. He organized and founded, Reach Out Worldwide, which provides relief to areas struck by natural disasters around the world.

As a Christian, my God wants us to reach out and help those who are in need. My God tells me if I have two pillows and my neighbor needs one, give it to him (paraphrased for my non-religious friends.) If my neighbor needs a coat and I have 2, give him one. If I can feed those who need food, do so!

In the Bible, my God told Abraham that he would bless him so he could be a blessing. In other words, I’ll give you stuff so you can give to others. Its sounds like Mr. Walker was doing that, and for that, I would thank him.

For the Westboro Baptist people, I hope you have portable air conditioners when you depart this earthly life. You will need them. My Bible also speaks of a group of legalistic “believers” who said to Jesus, Lord didn’t we go about doing this and that in your name? Jesus responded to them by saying, leave me I never knew you!

Westboro listen up! What are you doing to show the love of Jesus? Nothing! What are you doing to show the love of God? Nothing!

When Jesus ran into the Pharisees and Sadducees, the “religious” people of the day and they were “ritualistically” praying for all to see how holy they were, Jesus called them hypocrites. Why? Because they were letter of the law guys, not spirit of the law. Jesus actually implied that they represented their father the Devil well.

For the record, Westboro Baptist Church is not representative of the type of Christians that I know, not a one. However, they well represent the “god of this world,” the Devil, their father, full of hate, and un-forgiveness like them. They don’t speak of love and understanding. They speak of hate and condemnation.

The signs they carry “God hates adultery.” Yes, He does. “God hates divorce.” Yes, He does. But He doesn’t hate the adulterer and He doesn’t hate the divorcee. He hates the bad things people do, not the people!

Westboro Baptist members hate everyone that they decide isn’t living right. The church pastor, Mr. Phelps, seems to have forgotten the scripture, “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” Hey Mr. Phelps (can’t call him pastor no love for people from him,) I don’t see an ounce of love of forgiveness in you. You do represent well your god, the father of lies, the god of the Pharisees and Sadducees.

For the rest of you, if Paul Walker was the person people say he was, then he was doing what God asked him to do. And if you don’t believe in God, then he was doing the right thing for his fellow man. If more people would show the love of God the way Mr. Walker did maybe God would not get such a bad rap.

This is the season of kindness and God’s love towards man, you know, that offensive stuff, “goodwill towards men” and “peace on earth.” Please! Ignore the peripheral noise. Don’t let phonies like Westboro Baptist Church distract you from doing good things to help other people.

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