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Perhaps they were going for shock value to get the kids’ attention. Mission accomplished!

The sex education flyer posted at a Kansas middle school may have been factually correct, but that doesn’t mean it was age appropriate. And don’t try to tell me, “well, kids that age are already doing those things.” I’m sure SOME of them are. But I doubt very seriously it’s the majority. So why do we need to plant those ideas in impressionable young minds years before they should have to deal with it?

It isn’t necessary to graphically describe every aspect of intimate and personal contact to convey to a teenager what “touching” involves.

Most middle schoolers are so self-conscious that most are going to be embarrassed simply by reading it.

To add insult to injury, parents were not given notice of the class or curriculum and were not given an option to opt their child out.

Oh, and the required abstinence portion of the curriculum… it’s there on the poster. Do you see it?

If you aren’t involved in your children and grandchildren’s schools, you better get involved and know what they’re teaching. Parents have rights too. Be a voice for your child.

You can take a look at the poster and read more about this here.
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