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Just when you thought we may actually have an ounce of common sense, we get this story…

School children in Utah get their school lunch, only to have it taken away from them in the cafeteria, in front of all the other children, and have it thrown out. Yes, you read that right. Between the hunger pains, confusion, and humiliation, dozens of students went home hungry that day.

Why, you ask? Because their school lunch account had either a zero or negative balance. Now, certainly, students need to pay for their school meals or bring something from home to eat. Where the breakdown seemed to occur was in parental notification. It wasn’t adequate, according to some parents.

And then there was the completely inappropriate repossession (mishandling?) of the child’s school lunch after it was issued. What kind of heartless people can snatch a lunch tray from a child only to throw it in the garbage is beyond me. As if the child has some sort of responsibility in making sure his lunch bills were paid.

Thankfully, this school is revisiting how to handle these types of situations to have less impact on the child. After all, it is the parents’ responsibility to ensure their bills are paid and the children are fed.

You can read more about it here.

Photo Credit Flickr UGA College of Ag

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