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When Does a Life Have Value?

Let me start with the proverbial poke in the eye…Why does a woman get to play God?

For almost 4 years I have been covering stories about abortion, right to life, and sanctity of life. The common thread is, in every case, the woman holds all the cards. The man has no rights at all. Except when it comes to child support for a baby he didn’t know existed because the mother didn’t think he would make a good father (just a good sex partner) and now, after the baby is born, he needs to pay up for years to come for a few minutes of pleasure, maybe?

The “freedom of choice” people are extremely hypocritical when it comes to this topic. Choice advocates (baby and daddy are excluded from this group) tell you that the mom or the “carrier” has the right to terminate the growth of the “parasite” in their body up to and until the head of the potential human is about to “crown” at 40 weeks. No, third trimester abortion/life-terminations are not legal in all situations but can easily be worked around and are being performed nonetheless.

Mainstream media is suppressing stories of butchers like Philadelphia abortionist Dr. Gosnell who specialized in post-birth abortions. Mainstream media gave it very little attention at first and not very much after it broke elsewhere. There are doctors across the country doing these kinds of abortions, yet there is no real outrage.

Here’s the rub. Men who force an abortion on their pregnant girlfriends were found guilty of murder or manslaughter and are spending time in jail. How does that make sense?

There were many crimes they might be guilty of (and I say might because I wasn’t there). Assault comes to mind. Kidnapping (being held against ones will), and I am sure there many more. The men involved in recent incidences of this were all found guilty of some form of murder.

Two of the men, when they found out their girlfriend would not have the abortion, punched or kicked them in the stomach. They were charged with assault and manslaughter. Three others were charged with the same after administering a drug that would induce contractions therefore aborting or terminating the baby. And still another, “Obstetrician’s son charged with tricking girlfriend into taking abortion pill Cytotec that killed fetus.” “He has been charged with first-degree murder of the child he was to have with Remee Lee.”

But the question is, how is it murder? If it’s ok for the mother to terminate the pregnancy, why can’t the man? This is a serious double standard!

You science freaks want people against abortion like myself to adhere to science and insist that it’s not a life until it’s born and breathing on it’s own. Science says it’s not viable until well after 20-some-odd weeks and blah blah blah. Science also says this “blob” has a nervous system at 8 weeks, all fingers, legs, and toes, nerve endings and brain functions at 16 weeks and many premature “blobs” have survived and grown into humans at 20+ weeks. There’s your science!

Simply put, the woman has now been deemed God. If she decides to terminate or expel this “parasite” at almost any stage, for any reason, and, in some cases, for it possibly being the wrong gender (an uptick in these type of abortions), then she just aborted a pregnancy. Not a life. Not a possible human. Not a potential being. Because she is the carrier she has total control. What if it becomes possible to transfer the pregnancy to another willing carrier? Do the rules and laws change at that point? Should they? Never mind. Don’t want to put you on the spot.

The big “gotcha” here is, if a male terminates the pregnancy he is guilty of murder. So, at the hand of a female it’s terminating a pregnancy and at the hand of a male it’s murder. Don’t give me the garbage that “it’s her body she should have control.” It’s the baby’s body too. What control do they have?

The hypocrisy isn’t in who makes the decision. The hypocrisy is you changing terms to suit your needs. Either a life is being terminated or it’s not! Period!

You can’t argue in one instance that the life of this little human was taken from the mother. But when the “carrier” decides to abort the “life” it gets changed to a “parasite.” That’s just a lie. You can’t have it both ways. If you try you’re just a hypocrite.

Just to be clear, I do not condone in any way the actions of the males in these stories. They are mean people that deserve jail time. But for you pro-abortion, pro-choice people, they are doing nothing more than the carrier does in many terminated pregnancies.

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