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Will the Real United States of America Please Stand Up!

Where is she? Many of those “Tea Party”, “right-wing, Bible-thumping”, “Mom and apple pie” type of people are being made out to be lunatics.

Why? For loving God, country, and freedom. It seems that loving America enough to make her a priority is unconstitutional. At least according to the very grounded and always controversial opinions of the 9th Circuit Court.

The Court says that school districts can ban clothing when the “officials’ concerns of racial violence outweighed students’ freedom of expression rights. Administrators feared the American flag shirts would enflame the passions of Latino students celebrating the Mexican holiday” of Cinco de Mayo. Really, I am not joking!

Wanting to keep the kids safe is great. I can’t disagree with that. But I can disagree with this particular decision around Americans wearing shirts with an American flag on them. These kids took exception to the school administration allowing celebrations day around Mexican independence day and exercised their freedom to express themselves civilly.

America is getting harder and harder to find. Some schools have stopped saying the pledge because it’s too divisive or it takes too much time. Then there was the young boy who was told he couldn’t have an American flag on his bike on school grounds because of safety concerns! What low-IQ administrator came up with that one?

In some school districts, Bibles can’t be handed out on the sidewalk in front of schools because it’s too close to blurring the separation of church and state clause! (Good luck finding that one in the Constitution!)

Then there was the young man who dared to give out copies of the Constitution on a college campus. He was awarded $50,000 of your taxpayer money (not to mention taxpayer money wasted on the salaries of all those who were involved from the school administrators to the security guard to the campus attorneys) because his rights to free speech were infringed! Yup. How dare he want to give out a copy of the foundation of what America was built on, at an American college campus, maintained with American tax dollars, by security guards paid in American tax dollars. Some people have a lot of nerve! What if he wanted to give out the Communist Manifesto? Do think there would have been the same reaction?

Many of you on the left, for some reason, foam at the mouth when you read pieces like this. But, try to have an open mind and endeavor to reason this out together, shall we?

One of the first books those religion-hating forefathers allocated money to print was the Bible. (They must have been very confused old men given that old “separation of church and state” clause!). Then to add insult to injury, those same men wanted the Bibles placed in public education facilities and schools. Oh, the humanity of it all!

You see, America became great because of what it stood for, what it was willing to fight and die for, and the foundation that all men are created equal. We all have the right to succeed or fail. That’s why so many wanted (and still want) to come to this country.

I am extremely proud of my Italian heritage. I grew up in a place known as Little Italy in Boston. It was not uncommon to hear people speaking Italian in the streets and stores. With that said, when a non-neighborhood person came into a store (the area was very touristy because of historic landmarks like the Old North Church) everyone slipped into English out of respect for our country. Orders were placed in English.

My little Italian friends who had recently arrived in the U.S. were very proud to stand up and pledge allegiance to the flag even though they weren’t yet citizens. Why? Because they knew what America stood for and wanted to be part of it.

Every August there is a month of celebration coinciding with Italian festivals taking place back in Italy. Celebrating heritage, like the Mexican kids on campus today. The difference? Always present at the Italian festivals was the American flag, flown higher than the Italian flag or any other flag. America was always first. Period! We have lost that.

Progressives think that we got this strong and respected around the world by chance or luck or karma or whatever. Nothing successful ever happens by accident and if it does, it won’t be sustainable. Success requires work, maintenance, and someone to care about and for it. America first! If you think it will just happen, sit around and watch. Something will happen but not what you want to happen.

America is becoming unrecognizable. We need to find her and prop her up.

Don’t wait! On Cinco de Mayo, celebrate by wearing an American flag. Celebrate Mexican independence by relating it too American Independence Day.

And ultimately, if you’re told you can’t wear an American flag shirt on Cinco de Mayo, stage a sit in by the school flag pole wearing American-themed shirts and join in the celebration.

America, you better wake up or lose your country.

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