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When it comes to child abuse, especially sexual abuse, I have a zero tolerance policy. Children are innocent. They don’t know what’s happening to them. Normally, it’s someone they trust. To be violated in that way is confusing and they feel ashamed. They have nothing to be ashamed of! It’s not their fault that some sicko adult is taking advantage of them!

We are supposed to protect our children. When an adult in an authority position violates that trust, there is NO EXCUSE! They absolutely MUST be removed from that position. Why teachers’ unions continue to protect these criminals is beyond understanding. It isn’t just an isolated occurrence. It’s a pattern.

Trevor Tenbrick over at did a GREAT job highlighting some of the more recent offenses. It’s shocking, staggering, and revolting.

Take a look. See if you can stomach it. You may need to visit your next school board meeting. Don’t just “think” it isn’t happening in your community… MAKE SURE it isn’t happening in your community.

You can read more about it here.

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