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To say that Kermit Gosnell is a monster is a serious understatement. In the span of his thirty-year career as an abortion doctor, Gosnell is believed to have murdered thousands of babies in the womb, and out.

It is believed the babies he murdered fought for their lives, and suffered from extreme pain.

Why then, did the mainstream media and Hollywood completely ignore Gosnell’s case?  It is due to one taboo subject; abortion.  Abortion is a very touchy subject that the media chooses to ignore.  The abortion industry is more gruesome and horrific than people can even begin to imagine.  While Gosnell’s case is horrific beyond belief, such practices happen every day.  Children are brutally murdered for merely being an “inconvenience” to the mother.  It has been proven that babies in the womb (not to mention out of the womb) suffer from excruciating pain during an abortion. Women’s lives are put in danger from the abortion procedure.  The utensils and the rooms where the murders are preformed, as well as the waiting rooms, are generally fifthly, which puts the women at risk, as well.

Read the full article by Heidi Parson here at Patriot Update and learn how you can spread the truth to others who have not heard this story (more than you can imagine have not even heard his name!)

Photo credit via Gosnell Movie Project

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