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So, let’s get this straight…

Two Catholic churches merged into one. They sold one of the church buildings in the process. The one they sold, was purchased by an Islamic group for use as a mosque. No big deal, right?

But the building has 6 crosses on it. Not just attached to it, but built into it as part of the exterior architecture. Oh, and did I mention, the building is over 100 years old and considered a landmark.

Apparently, the Muslim group had to gain city board approval to make the alterations, which were granted. Of course there were protests against altering the historic landmark, but in the end the Muslim group won out and will be removing those pieces of the architecture.

Some Christians are up in arms. But seriously, this is a private property issue. The Muslim group owns the building. They should be able to make the modifications they need.

What’s the alternative? Force the Muslim group to leave crosses on their mosque? Force them to sell the building to someone who will leave the crosses? What if no one else wants it?

Last I checked, we still have freedom of religion in this country and historic building status doesn’t trump that.

You can read more about this story here.

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