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An IHOP server says she was rightfully given the $200 tip… even though the customer says it was a mistake and should have been $2. The customer wants his $198 back. The restaurant wants her to give it back. She’s keeping it!

Now, she’s lost her job. They are an “at will” employer and can let someone go at any time for any reason (or for no reason). No explanation needed. Besides, it’s hard to explain integrity to someone who has a severe shortage.

And now she’s mad, so she’s going to sue the restaurant for wrongful termination, even though there is no such thing as wrongful termination in an at will employment arrangement. Where’s that torte reform when you need it?

She should have given the customer their money back. In fact, if she’d asked them to verify that excessive amount, he may have been grateful enough for her honesty to reward her with more. AND… if she’d refunded the money, she’d still have her job. Employers want trustworthy people with a good value system. Unfortunately for her, she showed her true colors, or at the very least, her poor judgement.

Take a look at the receipt and see what you think. Was it really supposed to be a $2 tip or was the customer just crazy leaving $200 on a $25 meal?

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