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Christian ministries in Alabama were recently stopped from feeding the homeless. It’s hard to believe that’s true. But it is. Why?

They didn’t have a permit from the Health Department. They needed the permit because they were feeding the homeless folks from a food truck. And food trucks need a permit. Forget the fact that they weren’t charging for the food or competing with the other food trucks in the area. They were FEEDING THE HOMELESS FOLKS!

Various laws have been enacted in the different locales across the country under the guise of protecting homeless people. No longer can restaurants donate food at the end of the evening to the homeless shelters. Nope. It has to be thrown out in the dumpsters and COVERED IN BLEACH so that homeless folks won’t pull it out of the dumpster! I guess it’s better they should starve than get a leftover meal from a restaurant or a free meal from an un-permitted food truck ministry.

We’re in serious trouble in a society that makes it so difficult to care for the indigent with compassion.

You can read more about it here. And then petition your state government to make it easier to minister to the homeless. It doesn’t all have to come from government welfare (aka your tax dollars).

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