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Seriously, people, we just need to use a little common sense here.

Suspending a teacher over an email (read: auto-notification email that he posted a picture to his social media account) and photo of his daughter wearing a t-shirt with a “Game of Thrones” slogan because it was “threatening” to the dean? It had the word “fire” on it, which the dean loosely interpretted to mean “open fire” as in a “gun.” Can anyone say OVERREACTION? As if that weren’t enough… he was suspended without pay pending a psychiatric evaluation. He has since been cleared to return to work.

If this teacher is willing to use a t-shirt slogan photographed on his 8-year-old daughter as a “serious threat” against another person, he has bigger issues than what the t-shirt says and has no business in front of students. But that isn’t what he was doing. He was taking a cute picture of his daughter, who happened to be wearing a t-shirt with a “Game of Thrones” slogan on it. Where’s the danger in that?!

Sounds to me like the dean and a few others in the administration may need to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. Paranoia anyone?

You can read more about it here.


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