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Do you remember the story about the 4 young men at a northern California school who were sent home on Cinco de Mayo for wearing American flag t-shirts and refusing to turn them inside out when requested by school administrators?

This incident turned into a court case and it was recently decided by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to uphold the school’s decision to ban students from wearing an American flag on campus on Cinco de Mayo. I’m sorry… WHAT COUNTRY DO WE LIVE IN??

Incidents on campus between first became an issue on Cinco de Mayo in 2009. American students displayed the American flag and chanted USA in a display of American pride. To counter that, a group of Mexican students threatened to f*** them up.

So, the administration, in their infinite wisdom, decides it’s better to infringe on the American children’s rights rather than teach the Mexican children not to bully and maybe add a few extra civics lessons to bolster American pride for the country they are living in. And earlier this year, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals apparently agreed! Better not to anger the bully than to protect the freedoms of American citizens.

Now, after 4 years of court wrangling, the decision has come down against the American students. This year, on Cinco de Mayo, patriotic citizens lined the street with American flags and patriotic attire, just to make the point… we still have free speech and freedom of expression in this country, even if it doesn’t carry over to our school campuses.

And if you think these folks are just a few isolated individuals, take a look at some of the comments flying around on Twitter about these patriots. This is exactly why people need to take a stand to protect the freedoms our military men and women fought and died for. Are you ready to take a stand?

You can read more about this year’s peaceful demonstration here.


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