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Disapproval of Homosexual Kiss Gets Don Jones Mandatory Sensitivity Training

There was no sensitivity training imposed upon those openly criticizing Tim Tebow for his public displays of Christianity, but, as Don Jones quickly learned, open criticism of public displays of homosexual affection will most definitely earn you a mandatory sensitivity training class along with some sort of fine.

Thank you Dan Calabrese for laying the rules out so succinctly for us.

The rules are simple. People who wish to engage in PHDA (public homosexual displays of affection) will do so as openly as they like. The media will show these PHDAs to us repeatedly and at every opportunity. You are to watch. You have a choice between expressing your glee or saying nothing. However, if you are asked what you think, you must say it is wonderful. This is mandatory.

I’m sure Don Jones wished he had received a copy of these rules.

Folks, there is definitely a double-standard here. You simply cannot openly disagree with or criticize the behaviors of a protected class of citizens without potentially incurring the wrath with some sort of backlash. If you’re not in a protected class, it’s open season on you and your beliefs. This is where we need to continually remind others that having a differing opinion does not equal “hate” and we don’t have to agree to get along.

You can read Dan’s full article here. It’s a good read and well worth the time. Let me know what you think.

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