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It’s not like anyone is flocking to California these days. Sure, the weather’s nice, but you don’t really notice the weather if you can’t feed your children or pay your bills!

And here we have two more shining examples of why people, and businesses, are leaving California in droves. I’m sure this will help Texas Governor Rick Perry’s ad team come up with a few new jingles to persuade even more companies to move to Texas. Most of them probably only needed one more straw… here’s 2!

Punishing CEO’s for wage disparity by instituting a new, higher corporate tax rate.

Taxing drivers (READ: every citizen) for miles driven each year on their car. They’re calling it a “fee,” but it’s a tax.They’re saying they’d remove the gas tax and replace it with this one. But trust me, they aren’t replacing it because it’s going to lower taxes for us little folks.

That’s our California state legislators hard at work. If their goal is to drive every person out of California and turn it into an environmental preserve, they are well on their way. But you just have to wonder… as they drive more an more taxpayers out of state, who will continue to pay their full-time salaries? I guess they haven’t planned that far ahead yet.

Photo credit via Flickr Jim Bowen

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