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Equipping Criminals with Condoms to Commit Felonies

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California lawmakers want to hand out condoms to prisoners to prevent the spread of disease. They say it will save taxpayers money. It sounds like a good idea in passing. But consider this…

It’s against the law for inmates to engage in sex in prison. It’s a FELONY!

Where are the prison guards? Maybe we need to determine if we have enough guards and re-evaluate the effectiveness of the ones on the job. Maybe we need more. Maybe we don’t. I don’t know. But isn’t that part of why there are guards… to make sure the criminals don’t keep committing crimes? Is anyone even trying to enforce this statute?

If this unprotected sex causing the spread of disease is such an epidemic, it sounds like someone needs to review security measures in the prisons. Clearly the inmates aren’t having sex in front of the guards, which means there are unsecured, unguarded locales for prisoners to “have some alone time.”

And don’t get me started on the rapes that occur in prison. I doubt seriously the rapist will be concerned enough about his victim to bring his free condom to the scene of the rape.

One thing is for sure… Democrat lawmakers are introducing a bill to provide convicted criminals with supplies that encourage them to commit another felony instead of simply enforcing the current law on the books. Definitely Liberal logic…

You can read more about it here.

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